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Poor SS

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Today on they way to school SS is talking (like normal) but he starts talking about his Stepdad and why he no longer likes him. SS goes "he throws things at me a lot when he gets bad" I just sit and listen stories like this come out a lot. Well he keeps going and says "(Stepdad) threw a basketball at me and it hit me in the face. Then my nose started bleeding. He was so mad that I threw the basketball in the basket when I was told to put it away."

Stories like this break my heart because CPS has investigated them before press charges then ended up having to drop them. I just feel horrible that he lives like this.


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Did SS say anything about where BM was when this occurred? I feel sorry for SS too. Glad you told him to tell a teacher. Did he say how long ago this happened?

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SS's Stepdad has been gone on and off because off work until about 2 years ago so that's when I think it got bad. He said BM tries to stop him but he gets mad at her too. There is another child in the house but it is Stepdads kid and SS said he never gets in trouble.