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FH's ex-MIL gives us a reason to laugh

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This woman is such a piece of work. Lets call her "lard bat" because she's a stupid, fat, batsh!t crazy blob. Needless to say, FH loathes lard bat. Only his dislike for BM equals it. She once took oldest SD when she was just a baby and hid her from FH. And I truly believe she's the reason BM is the way she is. I mean, who lets a 14 year old girl hang out in sailor bars getting drunky with grown men returning from a six month cruise???

Not to mention until recently, she had been jobless and living with jobless BM and sucking off the hindteat of FH's CS for three years. The woman actually believed that if BM went to jail - she would keep the skids and just keep on collecting his checks. What a friggin' loon! She's taught her daughter a sense of entitlement that we have been working extra hard to make sure the kids don't end up with.

Also, she's screamed in my (poker) face that I was the cause of all of her and BM's problems. In front of some our city's finest, mind you. Telling them not to listen to anything I said. I didn't have to say anything. All I did was shake my head like she was to be pitied, which a kinder person could probably do for her.

So yesterday, FH tells me that lard bat stopped by his mom's house and asked her if she could please visit with the skids when they were with his mom. He said his mom told lard bat that she would have to ask him. The whole time he's telling me this, he's kind of snickering.

He said that lard bat will never call him up and ask him for anything. Also, this means lard bat and BM are on the outs. He said I know it's terrible, but after all the suffering that woman has caused me, I can't help but kind of be amused that she's all alone and suffering now.

I just had to smile with him.


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Amen, mah Sia-ster

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But Dh always falls for it and feels bad for her. When she and BM have a falling out, BM refuses to let her see SD16 (hmmm, she does the same to DH). So BM's mother would call DH and ask for his time with SD16 for herself. And he would let her! This woman has called me every name in the book, openly talks bad about DH in front of SD16, and is a total bi(*&. But DH thinks he has to do what she wants for SD16's sake. I don't think so!

Last time she called, DH told her to talk to her daughter because she was keeping SD16 from him as well.

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Yeah, when you see some of their mothers, you can definitely understand why BMs are the psychos they are!

In our case, BM is a carbon copy of her mother. BM's mother raised her to lie, cheat & steal. She taught her how to work the system & ruin men's lives. Every time BM was about to take off & leave her kids, her damn mother talked her out of it. My husband loathes that woman for this reason. This woman has been in jail. (So has BM's father & BM's stepfather) BM hasn't been in jail, but she's been in trouble with the law several times. These people teach great values!

I recently got to see BM's mother & stepfather in person. Holy crap...SCARY!!!!!!!!! BM's mother looks EXACTLY like BM...the big, round face, the weird ears, the dumpy body, the long ass hair (only hers is gray). Looks do not run in that family! And BM's stepfather...reminded me of Charles Manson. I could hear the banjo music playing....

The sad part of this is that SD8 is just like BM. She is self-absorbed, rude, oblivious to other people's feelings, lies, and sadly, looks like BM. (Though she's a cute kid because she can pull off the chubby cheeks & big ears now. But if she continues to grow into a copy of BM, I feel really bad for the kid because BM is plain old ugly! And I do not throw that word around lightly!) BM even calls SD8 "Mini Me". It's sad. Mostly because BM's other daughter feels like the odd one out...she doesn't look like BM at all. So she has yet another reason to resent SD8.