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custody eval update

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BF has his last interview with the CE on Friday. The CE talked to BF's SIL at length last week and sounded very promising according to SIL. Apparently, the CE is getting responses back from the references for both BM and BF and has got the impression that BM is self-centered and needs to be in control. The CE suggested both parents take a co-parenting class and I think this, kind of, says that they may get joint custody. BM has been sugar sweet and super nice through the whole process so I think she is showing the CE that they can co-parent. I think the classes are just to help them do it better.

Court is in about 3 weeks and I hope it goes well. Has anyone else been through custody evaluation? I was wondering if the parties get a copy of the report before the hearing.


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We did file a motion for termination/moderation of the shared parenting agreement. DH and BM were both interviewed by the GAL in depth, and she also talked to SD's principal at school as well as SD's psychologist.

The GAL ordered high conflict parent coordination- mediation on steroids supposedly, but the person we were assigned was weak.

Our attorney received all reports from the mediator and GAL well before pre-trials/trial date. He sent them onto us or handed them to us to look through while we waited at a couple of the pre-trials. The final GAL report recommend we got FC, and included a very damning interview by SD's psychologist stating BM failed to collaborate with DH OR SD, that BM had a self centered approach to relationships, that BM could not understand things from the child's perspective, is rigid in her thinking and approach, etc. It also stated that I had a positive role in SD's life, and that DH and I had excellent communication and collaboration with age appropriate rules and guild lines for SD.

Sigh. I could have kissed both those women (GAL AND DR!)

We had asked for a psych eval to begin with, and are pretty sure her atty told her we would get it with that report. So after 9 months of being obstinate and using the custody case to try and get some money out of DH BM felt he owed her, BM conceded the day before we finally had a trial date to avoid mental health help.

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