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Again BM is clueless

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I should not be surprised since BM does some stupid things but this takes the cake. We picked up FSS at 3pm today. BM woke him up. He was in his car seat, not buckled in, on the kitchen table sleeping. BM hands FSS over to BF in a onesie and nothing else. No pants, no socks, nothing but his diaper and onesie shirt. Keep in mind its like 50 degrees, sunny and breezy outside. BF says "naked baby" to which BM replies, "he gets hot". We get FSS to his grandparents house and his diaper is soaked and he smells horribly of spoiled milk and sweat. Auntie and I gave FSS a bath while BF took pictures. I keep extra clothes for FSS in his diaper bag. BM and BF agreed to supply all their own clothes, etc for baby while in each others care. BM gave us less than 3 ounces of breastmilk for 4 hours. FSS ate all the breastmilk plus 6 ounces of formula. Good thing grandma and I keep formula around for baby.

We had a lovely day with baby and the rest of BF's family. BM picked up baby at 7pm as agreed but she was very hard to get to leave. I finally told her the rest of his stuff was in the entryway and then she finally started to leave.

I emailed BM when we got home to remind her to return the clothes next weekend. She still has on outfit from the previous weekend. BF told her last weekend that he wanted the outfit back when we dropped baby off last weekend.

This is not the first time BM has dressed baby inappropriately for the weather. She claims her gets hot so this winter when he was a newborn she never put him in a snowsuit, he never wore socks or a onesie under his clothes like other babies would. She would just pile blankets behind him, in the car seat so not safe, and on top of him.


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Sounds like "negligence" to me and sheer stupidity on BM's part.
Good Lord!!! I know babies don't come with a manual but does she not have any common sense...???"SOME PEOPLE WEREN'T MEANT TO HAVE CHILDREN" Sad

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Is this her first child?

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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This is her first child but she is am elementary school teacher and has numerous nieces and nephews that she has been around from birth on up. So she should have some clue.