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Waiting for the knife in the back

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It’s so sad how whenever BM does a nice or the right thing, we sit back and wait for the knife to come get us in the back.   Because no good deed goes unpunished.

Accodring to DH/ BM divorce decree, they alternate kids for taxes.  One year DH claims one and The next year he claims two of the kids.   And EVERY single year she has found a way to screw us.  It’s to the point we actually try to guess how she Screw us over taxes. 

Now that OSS is an adult and MSS will not quality for child tax credit, we expected yet again to get shafted. 

Well yesterday BM text DH giving him YSS to claim this year.   Shocking!!!  That clearly benefits us so I’m in total shock.   This is honestly the first time she has not managed to stick it to us.   

Sadly the excitement is short lived as I sit here waiting for the boom.   We all know she didn’t do this out of the kindness of her stone cold heart.


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i wouldn’t put it past her. 

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Lol so the first year we had custody of Spawn we filed our taxes and added her on. No problem, a few months later Meth Mouth was frothing at the bit because DH filed and claimed Spawn on HIS taxes when it should have been her!

B@tch you lost custody, paid no CS and you expected us just to allow you to keep claiming her...mmmkay!

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We are waiting too.  The last CO states that DH claims both every year on his taxes.  We think she will try to claim SS17 first.  Just wondering how it will play out if she does.  


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I don't want to scare you - but if it were BM here, I'd assume she was gearing up to go to court and wanted to appear as if she was following the CO, so that couldn't be brought up.  Any chance she will try to change the custody order to get more time with YSS?

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She won’t go to court to get more time.  It’s 50/50 and she bitched non stop wanting DH to have the older two more but he couldn’t due to his work schedule.  

I don’t think she will take him back to court for anything because DH never lowered his support when ODD aged out.  She thinks if she does her support will get lowered. Probably not because he is making way money now but she doesn’t know that.  And less than one year for MSS to age out thank goodness.   

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it's supposed to be his year to claim the Houseshitter as the older two have aged out.   In case she "forgets"  I scanned in the copies of all 8332s