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11 yo step daughter is a MORON

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I don't know how this chid is going to function as an adult. She was born with a brain but you wouldn't know it outside of her school work. She gets decent grades but she is a moron when it comes to life's SIMPLE day to day tasks. She is the type who doesn't wash before touching food, leaves lights on, takes clothing off the wrong way and rips her clothes, and believes anything that someone says and scream talks "REALLY???" You could say "I saw a cow flying today with a blue jacket on and a pink skirt holding a sign that said HELLO on my way to work," and she would respond with "REALLY???" I could understand that response from say, a four year old. Today she made herself a sandwich and put the peanut butter jar away with the lid sitting on top of it instead of SCREWING IT ON. Who does that??? How hard is it to put the lid back on? Doesn't that only require common sense? None of the other kids in the house act brainless like that. Worst part is that she thinks it's cute or she gives us attitude when she gets called out on something. If she is what the future is, everyone should be very, very afraid.


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My SS13 is abnormally ignorant about simple things or basic knowledge.  My twin sons who are almost 11call him out all the time on his behavior and lack of knowledge about anything all the time.  But the most annoying thing is he acts like he knows EVERYTHING! He gets that from his father and his grandfather i guess.  They think they know everything and it's so embarrassing.  I'm glad I never changed my name to my husband's when we married.  

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I totally regret changing my name to DHs. Do you ever notice when you google someone, the names of others come up as related to? If you  google my maiden name,  my parents and  brothers come up because I shared a  name and address with them. If you google my married name you get the bad credit skids & BM and someday SS12 the future sex offender will pop up

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My SD30 still malingers and acts helpless and extremely useless and stupid whenever she's around DH or her BF. Yet, at work, she's a full steam ahead type of gal and aims for constant promotions. She gets every promotion she goes for and is an accountant and does a lot of risk assessment and is highly valued for her strategic thinking and smarts. It's like night and day. When she's at our place, she can't get her own glass or make her own f*cking toast. Her new BF even cooks everything for her, because she "caaaaaaaaaaaan't."

My SD held herself back so much to  garner so much attention that at a couple of points during her childhood, DH was gently told to get SD assessed to get a firm diagnosis on what her "impairment" was.

My SD drives me bloody insane. I feel like yelling at the top of my lungs to her that she can't have it both ways. Does she want to be a dynamite business analyst/accountant or does she want to be an idiot who can't make toast? Pick one, but you can't have both.

Makes me so sick!

Unless your SD is called on it, she'll just live her life malingering. Your DH needs to call her out.

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That is my SD12 exactly, EXCEPT that she would never and could never in a million years make herself a sandwhich....are you kdding? A 6th grader make herself something to eat. She can't even pour her self a drink.....she won't get a napkin...she won't even get her own towel out of the closet before before she takes a shower.....

I'm with you....I have no clue how she is going to make it. I have my own 12 year old dd...and compared to my 12 year old....SD12 acts about 4 years old. It's all an act, though, I have come to realize....and attention seeking I don't want to grow up act.....

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Your SD12 would starve at my house.  No way I'd be waiting on a 12 year old.

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I don't wait on her. Daddeeeeeee waits on her. Dadeeee also waits on the almost 17 year

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Oh she'd do it if she was given no choice and nobody did it for her Smile After all, why have a dog and bark yourself ...?

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when stb 7 used to pantomime for Chef and repeat every.single.friggin.word on TV to "get a laugh"  He would then look back over his shoulder and bat his long platinum blonde/ginger eyelashes coquettishly at Chef to see if it was getting any play.  Their antics were TERRIBLE and Chef (and the Gir) were to blame.  When we would walk into a big box store (because we were ALWAYS there due to remodeling) the announcement would come over the  PA telling adults to mind their children's behaviour.  The ferals would go screaming (literally) up and down the aisles, climb the displays, knock elderly people over, pull knobs off of the display models and throw them on the ground. 


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its the brand name of a gummy bear and confectionery from germany but alot of their stuff is made in indonesia. Apparently thats her proving she can speak english because she is a prefect who according to sd23.5 should have been first in class for her grades except teacher determined her to have come 3rd...

ummmm doesn’t that prove she actually wasn’t first.. i speak English and malay to my kids, sd needs to show she can speak english even when it isn’t her native language

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Ha ha ha! I feel all of your pain. Children who act incapable and brainless are some of the worst to be around.