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What is your husband’s wallpaper?

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I am starting to realize that my 11 y o step is somewhat of a mini wife. The oldest of the five girls is his favorite. He has long drawn out goodnights with her every night. Tickles her and has a million things to say when he tucks her in. She is also his wallpaper on his phone. I just noticed today. What is your husband's wallpaper?????


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I'm not sure, but definitely not his son. It's yucky that he has 5 kids and put only her on there. Way to cause feelings of rejection and resentment in the others. At least put a group picture. 

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I nuclear reactor symbol thingy

It's what he does for a living so it make sense LOL

If it was his kids though, it wouldn't  bother me. Mine is currently a picture of a beach in Tulum from our vacation earlier this year. I have had my kids, I have had us, I have had my dog. 

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I wouldn't care if he had his kid - he used to when SS was young and not an alienated jerk-face.  I have my dogs.

I'd be a bit concerned if he had only kid on his phone when he has 5, though.

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It usually is either a picture of me or a picture of us. My background is also a picture of us, but a different one. 

I come from an intact family and my mom’s photo ranges from pictures of all of her kids (there are 3 of us) to a photo of one of us, but usually when something big happens, i.e. I graduated college that was her background, my brother's baseball team won states, so it was him with a trophy, etc. At least she rotates them out, not just consistently only the one child!


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I don't think he remembers how he got the background set and that's why it hasn't changed. LOL

(Mine is one of my cats.)

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of an old car but has plenty of photos of his new mini-wife in his gallery... our one year old Bengal cat (female of course)  Biggrin

Yeah sounds very emotional incesty.   Definitely miniwife with "white knight on a horse/prince charming" thrown in.


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which is ironic because Chef USED to be a computer technician.   He's given up all things tech since windows xp.

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DH's on his phone is a picture of me and skids together.  Mine is a wedding photo.