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What is your husband’s wallpaper?

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I am starting to realize that my 11 y o step is somewhat of a mini wife. The oldest of the five girls is his favorite. He has long drawn out goodnights with her every night. Tickles her and has a million things to say when he tucks her in. She is also his wallpaper on his phone. I just noticed today. What is your husband's wallpaper?????

Too close for comfort

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My co worker is a step mom to two teenagers. They have one child together. His ex wife - aka his high school girlfriend - left when the two children were very young. He immediately met my co worker - who is 10 years younger - and they got married and she began playing mommy to his children. Bio mom came back into the picture some years after that. Bio mom and step mom act like friends. They are friends on social media - always liking and commenting posts. They both go to family events. Bio mom even babysits step mom's daughter. It's weird.

Aaaaand she’s GONE!

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My co worker approached me in tears today. She has taken excellent care of her boyfriend's teenage daughter for the last 4 years. Her mother lives about two hours from our city and hasn't had much to do with her. There was no court ordered custody agreement. My co worker had this girl on her insurance! She paid for her cell phone bill. She drove her everywhere or always let her use her car. She took her to appointments, school, you name it. She did A LOT. She is a doctor and she makes good money, but she still did not have to do all that she has! They had a good relationship.