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Just kind of funny - from a distance

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I have 3 SD's, ages 21, 19, and 17. The oldest lives with her boyfriend, in an apartment. The other two live with BM. SD19 is holding a grudge since the Thanksgiving blowout with me and SD17. Ironically, SD 17 (who was the instigator) has moved on and comes to visit every other weekend for dinner. She seems to have learned a valuable lesson from it all. SD19 though, still doesn't have her drivers license, a job, nor is she working toward this. When Dh calls her she is short with him, and will actually say she has played video games all day and that is all she does.

BM doesn't seem concerned with this, but she wouldn't be. She has a new boyfriend who moved in, so they are hot and heavy - and she doesn't need the distraction of parenting. I wonder when BM will wake up and realize SD19 doesn't plan to EVER move out or get a job or get therapy? 

What I found funny is that SD19, who is a sociopath, compulsive liar whom I refuse contact with, has told DH that she "couldn't play Minecraft with her sisters because they kept screaming at eachother and they were impossible to be around." This, coming from the queen of sullen sulkiness and anger management issues! LOL. So, apparently SD19 has a bee up her butt about her inability to face reality (that can be stressful) and so she is taking out her anger on her little sister and DH and everyone around her. This is causing others in BM's family to scream back at her, and SD19 becomes a dirty bomb of negativity - ready to explode at the slightest provocation. 

So, I am just waiting for the dust to settle and hopefully, someone in that dysfunctional family will have an epiphany about their failure to launch kid - and voila! She will be forced to get a job and start rejoining reality again. 

Oh, the skid circus is so much fun. NOT. 


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I wonder if your SD realizes that she's actually doing you q favor by sulking and refusing to come to your house. I'm sure if she did, she'd start coming over again.

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We all know that as SPs, we don't have any say, I get it.  But, boy, it sure is hard to watch some of the parenting, or lack of parenting.  Without the parental rose-colored glasses, most of us can see what direction things are taking and predict probable outcomes.

My brother and SIL were in town and discussing their young adult daughters and SIL was lamenting her inability to say no.  DH piped up that he wasnt very good at it, either.  DUH!  "Not very good"? How about impossible to say no?  Could that be why we have lying, manipulative, dependent SD61 on our hands?  Smh.

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Your DH isn't a complete revisionist.   Chef, on the other hand, thinks himself a disciplinarian to his own PASed out ferals (he was guilty daddy personified-- could NEVER say no/ZERO discipline) and believes himself responsible for my youngest son's upbringing (probably spent a total of 96 hours with him when he was 23 yrs old)

The latest is he suggested using popsicles for DGD's teething difficulties to Awesomeson.  Of course Awesoneson was very grateful to Chef for this advise and Chef can't stop bragging about it. (eyeroll).