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I'm lacking enthusiasm

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My SS17 is in Air Cadets and tonight is the Annual Parade and Tea, and I am less than enthusiastic about attending. This past year more than any he is so full of himself that we'd love to boot him out. Let his punishment be live with biomom. (fantasy over)

SS17's GF who turned 14 in February is in cadets too. Let me tell you that I have taught the boys manners, things like greeting people. SS17 knows that I expect at the very least a hello, and I told him to tell her. She would ignore me anyways. Not exactly how to get on my good side. I would be there all evening volunteering and she can't say hello. Then they would avoid even being around where I was durring break, and I ran the concession in the break area.

So I said enough of this, I am no longer volunteering with cadets. I let my hubby know that I would no longer take him to pipe and drum and regular meeting nights. It's worked great, but I really don't want to go tonight, but I will so I won't have to go to the banquet on Sunday. Ah yes, the banquet where the cadets don't sit with there parents. You are only a means of getting there and back.

SS17 has been such an ass to me, his dad and his brother. SS19 doesn't have a GF, so SS17 and GF14 are making rude comments like he's homosexual and other trash talk like that. They are pushing me and it won't be pretty when I have had enough.

I'm just going to attend tonigh. Talk with some parents that I enjoy the company of, and avoid SS17, GF14 and her parents. Then I will get the hell out of there.


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Did you ask them why they are avoiding you? What is up with that? I would have your husband talk to stepson about his and girlfriend's bad attitude around you. I wouldn't volunteer either after being treated like that. I wouldn't even go to the function. Sorry but that's just me. But yes, have fun at the party and ignore those 2 brats.

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Both of us asked him and the answers are akin to what you would hear from a 8 year old. It's all, I don't know, and she's shy. She's shy? This is a girl who walked right up to him the first night she meet him and asked him for his e-mail address and telephone number. Oh yeah, that's shy. I just plan to have as much fun as possible. Thanks!