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K so DH emailed BM regarding the boys playing Baseball and letting her know the amount. and also letting her know what since she committed Medi-cal Fraud the boys no longer were covered to see the therpist with medi-cal and that we are getting them new medical coverage and now it is an out of pocket expense that we will be sending her a bill for half of each or these Items.

DUMB ASSES response was "I will not be paying for any extra activities and I will not be paying for anything medical or counseling" NEW FLASH the court order says you have too, you have no choice. but thank you for giving us proof in writing of your refusal it will come in handy should she want to drag this back to court....

Oh and this is classic, she said "The kids are not a paycheck" What paycheck, we haven't seen a dime of support so I don't know what she gets paid with but the last time I checked Hopes and dreams don't raise these kids, We do!


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OMG, we have the same BMs we're dealing with. We have full custody and an order in place that says she has to pay half of all daycare costs, activity costs, medical costs, clothing costs, etc. We have never asked for nor have we seen one dime.

She gets six weeks of visitation over the summer (she lives in another country so this is really her only time with SD) and last summer she was trying to tell us that she could really only do two weeks. Well that would mean that we would have to pay full time daycare costs for the other four weeks as well as hiring a sitter to stay with SD while we were on an adult vacation we had planned to celebrate our anniversary (the timing of which was picked specficially because SD was supposed to be with her mother).

So we told her that she would be responsible for covering all daycare and sitter costs that we incurred during her time if she failed to exercise her full six-week visitation. She told us she'd rather give up rights to visitation than pay us one dime. Charming!

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What is with these chicks... is it a middle life crisis and selfishness that makes them come off the Rockers??? You don't LIVE here you gave birth to a child you are responsible for half. Is that so hard to understand????

OH and all the emails come from her new Iphone...... I want one but I can't because it takes my income in addition to DH's income to raise these children.

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No accountability. I know in my DH's exW case she actually thinks that she did us a FAVOR by sending SD to live with us full time because now DH doesn't have to pay her child support any more. Never mind that she does nothing to support the child that she pushed out.

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CS is just a government extortion scheme to provide employement for the bottom 10#er idiots of the legal profession.

The morons in the black robes as well as the attorneys, clerks and CSP dipshits have to get paid for doing something I guess. I have yet to interface with one of these people who is not a complete waste of skin. The government allows then to suck off of the hind tit of the contributing NCPs just like the government tolerates many worthless CPs to augment their lifestyles on NCP dollars. (By no means a majority of course. Most NCPs and CPs are interested in the best interest of the kids and are not out to fleece their children or their X)

The NCP might as well pay for the X as well as for the bottom 10%er dipshits who run the family law/CSP systems.

Considering that I am married to CP many may find my perspective on this counter intuitive. But ..... I have too many friends who are hard working professionals and great Dads who get fleeced by family law courts and X spouces.

Though my SS's BioDad needs to have his CS obligation jacked up about 300% and get spanked by the courts I can see how the system is hosed and many NCPs get screwed.

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