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AAAHHHH a Continuance !!!

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So DH showed up for court, Since the child support is administrated by the Child Support Agency they meet with both parties before hand and they give out the scenarios based on all the financial that are submitted.

So they called DH and told him the BM didn’t file her paper work correctly (come on really!!) how hard is it to follow the directions on the back???? So she called in and requested a continuance. So the Agency asked the court to do a continuance for 60 days.

So they sat down with DH and went over all the info, and based on everything that we supplied and what BM gave as her new employment, it was determined that she would have to pay minimum a hundred dollars more a month. So now the file is going before the judge to add in the child care and medical plus arrears. So needless to say instead of going down a couple hundred it will be going up a couple hundred. So it looks like BM should have just kept her mouth shut and lived with what she was originally schedule to pay (stupid Lady).

So notices will go out on the proposed amount that the judge will decide on and then he will set the court date and put that into effect when both parties are present (or at least on the phone).

I worked so hard to get this packet together which helped prove that BM has the kids 0% of the time also showing all the back support and Medical and Sports Cost (Declarations, receipts and bank statements). The Agency doesn’t care what the family court has on file they go by what is occurring and makes the parents prove their claim( proved by declaration and witnesses), So this is done. Oh and the travel thing and airline ticket is meaningless in this court, according to the agency rep.

My Concern, once BM sees the new proposed amount which I know she will loss it over because it can be up to almost a grand, will she quite her job or find a less paying job (I don’t know how much lower she can get) in the next 60 Days in order to not have to pay the amount proposed!!!

That and I expect that we will finally get a response to the email that DH sent her asking her what she would thinks is fair and what she can afford to pay on a consistent basis. I's sure she will want to nogociate now! DH has already decided he would ignore her and let the court deal with her.

Karma That’s What It Is!


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The good thing is, most courts can see right through the quitting a job and getting a lower paying one when it comes to setting CS.

If you can prove what she is making now, she'd better have one heck of an excuse for the judge of why she has a lower paying job now!

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The funny thing is that we didn't prove her job or pay...... she did, all were going by was the unemployment she was collecting. So she screwed herself Blum 3 !!!