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YoUr FiRsTbOrN

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My husband accepted a FaceTime call from his sister. If it was up to me he wouldn't have but poof suddenly he's showing off our daughter and looking at her aunt's lazy face while she lays in bed probably hungover. 

His sister keeps making all these comparisons and keeps saying "your firstborn" or "your secondborn." Who the hell talks that way? We all know who his younger and older kids are and SD12 isn't even here. According to this aunt nothing our baby does is unique because SD did it first. Mind you all these things are normal baby things (like drooling or being chunky) but no, to this aunt SD12  is the golden neice  and blazed the trail for all other kids in the family and they all "take after her." Sure, all the other neices and nephews that have seen SD 3 or 4 times in their ENTIRE LIVES.

This sister always carried a torch for SD12 and she has not so subtly made it known that she does not approve of my husband's divorce, remarriage and new daughter. She is constantly reminding us of SD's existence and shoehorning her into the conversation. It's not like she is friends with BM or sees SD. She also blames my husband's divorce on why she's single because "it made her lose faith in love." Barf. 


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Take heart. If she is in the habit of binge drinking on the regular then wet brain, cirrhosis are in her near future. She could even perish from alcohol poisoning.

Couldn't happen to a better candidate. What a jerk.

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Your daughter should not be exposed to this toxic woman.

What kind of monster takes their own issues out on an innocent baby.

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Did you know about the mental illness in your husband's family before you married?

Its advisable to keep your kid away from lunatics.

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Did you know you do NOT have to have any contact with these people?

Family may be 'family' but they may not always be good for you.