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Christmas is over

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I'm sad to see so many of you had a stressful Christmas.

It went fine for me but my DH was pouty on Christmas Eve and day because SD15 was ignoring him. My family is visiting and his family always gets passive aggressive about it, even though DH doesnt want them to come either.  He wouldn't participate in decorating cookies, decorating the tree, no pictures or even playing into the Santa thing for our little kids. We don't go to an extreme but a few little things with our kids would have been nice. I think he didn't get to do it with SD so he feels like he can't do it with our kids either.

As my family was getting ready to head out he said "let's FaceTime SD" and I said "maybe then you won't be such a Christmas hater."  I had been drinking so I was snappy. He said "nevermind then" and I know I just handing him a reason to blame me for not talking to SD15 for Christmas, as if it's my fault. He said nothing about it because he's smart lol.

Now the day after he's back to normal.

I still enjoyed myself! He was a pity party of one.

Oh and SD15 posted a bunch of slutty selfies that she took down after a few hours. So yeah that has started!  I'm sure DH saw them and was *so proud*. She had the time to put on pounds of makeup and take slutty pics but no time for dad.


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My DH85 was pouty, too.  Christmas Eve he was stressing cuz GD39 and her bf were coming over Christmas morning to exchange gifts and have brunch with her parents who've been staying with us during a move.  I agree a little of GD goes a long way, she's kind of a dramatic, me-me-me person tho not the only one in our stepfamily.  "I just won't get up", "I won't eat anything", " I won't open any gifts".  Waaa.  

He's been very wonderful about DS and invalid DIL staying here over a month so I've been extra sweet.  So, whatever he threatened, I'd say fine, that's ok, do what you want to do.  But, I finally snapped and said, "There are lots of family things I dont want to do, either, but I have to suck it up".  (Like SD61's upcoming Christmas party, I was thinking).  After that, we weren't speaking.

The next day, he was his usual funny self and made everybody happy.  He tells me he just doesnt want to go thru the Christmas hoopla anymore and I agree and have cut back as much as possible.  What I think he really means is he will still drag himself to his kids' events but doesn't want to make the effort for mine.  Ok, I could have played that game, too, but thankfully didnt have to.

Sigh, are the holidays over yet?


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DH does not expect much from his kids. Sometimes he gets a card. Sometimes a small gift certificate. Sometimes a call. This year a card with a gift certificate from one handed to him when he brought the gifts to the grandkids (the week before).  Silence from the other.

We went to my son's house and had a very good day. He had some friends and us. One asked DH about his kids/grandkids and Christmas. DH just matter of factly said that we don't see them much. In the past DH would have said something innocuous, but I think he's just tired of beating around the bush. I think the person who asked wished they hadn't.

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I was really surprised but not a word was mentioned about SS18. Nothing. I think DH is either getting over his grief on losing his son or just better at hiding it. 

This year was a pretty decent Christmas overall.