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Summer update

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Been a while... 

My oldest turned 16 today. He's been working 2 jobs all summer - part time at a coffee shop and part time at an auto body shop owned 50% by my mother's spouse. He took his g1 driver's test this afternoon...  Dunno if he passed yet, he's not back yet. 

My middle one worked a few weekends during the summer as a ticket booth girl at a local fair...  She's really stepped up in the responsible way and is going to Toronto this weekend for a concert with my SIL. 

My younger one is just a few months away from turning 13, she's ramping up to be quite the artist.. I'll eventually post her work...  But she's good,  really good. 

SS is quite the charmer at times...  DH is totally great though,  and sees through the manipulative crap ss5 tries to pull... 

Dh and I are going away for the weekend to celebrate 1 yr anniversary of marriage..  We're as solid as ever and going strong.  We haven't had even a strongly worded discussion in months. 

As from my last update, bm's bf dumped her arse at the beginning of June... And dh jas essentially been ignoring her since then.  One word replies etc...  She had one moment of crazy when she called gim when she had ss,  so dh answered,  and I'm pretty sure he heard me when I told him to hang up on the nasty bitch because honestly it wasnt his problem she felt lonely. She was complaining that she didnt have time to go out and date blah blah...  Anyway he hung up on her as "ordered", and she hasnt brought it up since then. 

Things are generally smooth sailing in these waters..  And I'm really looking forward to our trip...  We're going to Niagara Falls,  which I've been to before, but DH hasn't so it's going to be more enjoyable for him I think...  But hey...  long weekend in a king size bed and jet tub,  yay! 



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Nice to hear from you Secret.  I was actually wondering about you yesterday!  Glad things are going well and enjoy your anniversary/labour day weekend at the falls.  

I'd love to see your budding artist's work!

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Secret!!! It's been so long!

That all sounds amazing! And I'm SUPER glad that you're getting a nice weekend away for your Anniversary!!! Congrats!!!