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O/T I've been on this site too long!

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I work for a manufacturer and get an email every week from a manufacturing consortium. It is the "Members need help" email. They post a question, and the members are asked to provide solutions.

So you can imagine what I first thought as a Step Talk member when I opened up the following "Members Need Help" request:

Disposing of Skids

A Member is looking to see what companies do with their skids. Does anyone take them for free, or for a small fee? They feel they are spending too much money on getting rid of their skids and are looking at ways to reduce this.

Thanks for your help!

It took me a second to realize they're talking about wooden skids, not our skids!


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We'd get a lot for ours if you're SPECIFICALLY looking for a child that WILL get tossed out of class at least once a week, back talks, is defiant and overall isn't a joy to be around...We'd be rolling in the dough...

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Before making the final agreement and signing on the dotted line it may be possible there will be a fee for removal of hazardous waste- --Of course--just kidding.