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what my house would be like if i allowed DH to run the show? last nite we were talking to our neighbors & my DH asked the man nextdoor if he wanted a puppy, becuz we have some puppies we're giving away. Neighbor's wife says NO! Neighbor tells my DH yes, that he's the man of the house. DH makes the comment,"I wish I was the man of the house at my house." I told him that the neighbor doesn't know what he's talking about, his wife just ALLOWS him to THINK that he runs the show, but really she's the shot-caller. I know this to be true becuz I'm good friends w/her & we just had this discussion a couple weeks ago.

But really, could you imagine if I just allowed DH to run the show w/the kids what my life would be like?

New baby is going to be a girl, yes, another girl, as if we didn't have enough of those already! he THINKS that he gets to have a say-so in her up bringing. I told him when he learns how to use that Glock of his on the boys then he gets a say-so. I also informed him that he better learn how to use the word "NO" and how to spank also. My poor DH, he needs some schooling! Please pray for him!


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I'm jealous, I want to have a baby with a man that has shit for brains in the parenting department.

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I don't get that one liner...
hehe...I guess it went ""WHOOCH"...right over my head."

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