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Day 3: Dad's Turn

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Overall pretty good day yesterday.  His dad took him to get re-enrolled in school.  Of course he'll have to follow up on Monday on his own and talk with a counselor to set his schedule.   He'll be on his own as his dad and I both work so he'll have to get himself up , ready and to the school.  Since his car is still out of order, he'll have to take his dad's car.  Something he doesn't seem to want to do.  So we'll see.  He is motivated by the gaming league to return to school, so he'll probably go.  It'll be a long semster so we'll see how it goes in terms of attendance.  


Dinner was one of his likes in the past.  It is also one of my son's favorite .   I made enough for him because hey we're trying here.  I have decided (and I know I'll probably get feedback about this) it's not about the food so much as joining the family.    While I would like him to eat what is being served at this point I'm more concerned over the fact that the kid doesn't feel like part of our blended family.  Previously , when he wouldn't join us for dinner, he wasn't eating at all which caused him to have more severe mood swings and was a concern in of itself.  He's now eating, just not with us .  His diet isn't the most healthy.   Anyway, I was cooking, dinner was getting ready, his dad was right behind him so I said "Go down and get "  He did, knock on the door and we had dinner with my DD, DSs and he and myself.   DH cleaned up, putting the leftovers in containers in the fridge and then we left for our Friday night date night.   About a hour into our date, as usual, his son calls.  "where are the Q-tips?"  His son calls almost every time we go out on a date.  We usually go for drinks with friends on Friday and then the two of us for lunch on Sunday .  His son calls everytime.  

We got home and lo and behold two glasses  , a mug , a bowl , plate and sauce cup are in the sink.  The dishwasher was started before we left since it was full.  But why hand wash dishes, especially the hand wash only mug that is his.  Oh well.

Breakfast this morning.  Burritos.   He was called once again to come and join us.   His dad made his burrito and it is waiting for him.   He'll come up at some point, probably around 11 to eat it and then retreat back to his room.   


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Your DH needs to put a halt to the BS interruptions while you're out. SS's ridiculous questions can bloody well wait. He should put his phone on mute. If it's a TRUE emergency (ha!), SS can text.

Did your DH make SS wash his dishes? Or, at the very least, do them himself?