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SD has no idea what's happening

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I told her tonight that she's going home to live with BM again after 5 months of being here and DH saying we're switching custody after spring break.. SD had no idea she was going back home to live with BM permanently and neither of her parents bothered to bring it up.

No one communicates shit and I'm the messenger. I told DH and he said it's based on what she told BM because she doesn't tell either of us much of how she's feeling. BM said SD wanted to go back to home state and she was lonely here.


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Yikes. That poor kid has some sucktastic parents. She should be amply warned and prepared for the transition.

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DH said SD told BM she wants to go home because she's lonely and they talk everyday.. SD said she and BM "only say hi" and she had no idea.

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Your husband didn't even think to talk to his daughter about any of this? My mind is just blown over that. 

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He said that's what she told BM and they talk everyday and we just booked a hotel to meet her halfway to transport SD's computer. Maybe SD thought she was staying for the school year? BM and DH definitely planned for the custody arrangement to change again.