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SD now stuck in the middle

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DH talked to SD and she said while she really misses her mom, she wasn't expecting to move back home. BM told DH that SD was lonely here and she "needs to be home." She also told DH that she and SD agreed that she was going to move home next month when spring break starts.

DH told SD that he just wants her to be happy and we understand and will accept whatever she chooses. She called GBM and they talked for awhile so I hope that helped. Even GBM knows how crazy BM can be so it's no surprise that BM is trying to manipulate a unilateral decision. 

Her dad just died so DH thinks she may be lonely herself and wants SD to be her buddy again. That wouldn't be new at all. So now SD has to decide if she wants to come back after spring break and is rocking BM's boat. I'm actually surprised SD wasn't eager to move back to BM asap.


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It would be good if your SD could just be a teen and not have to worry about her mom's feelings.  I feel sorry for her.