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How to Pi$$ me off..

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Boundaries, we need them.

SD10's bathroom has sprouted a few new items while I was at work today.....
Apparently, BM and SD picked these things out about a month ago and then purchased for our house.

(This is NOT the first time, BM has chosen decorations for SD part of house.
The first time, I donated the stuff to Goodwill with DH approval.

This time, BM hands the stuff to FDH in front of SD making it "impossible" for him to refuse.

When I get home, I had to ask him where the new stuff came from, he grudgingly tells me the above and says "don't start.."

I am not mad at BM (although she needs to stop doing this type of crap)

I am uber pissed at FDH


Who's house is this ?


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What kind of items? Things sometimes get broken.... Maybe talk to sd about you not minding how she decorates her room to an extent, but that is it. The other rooms in te house are off limits. Just because she uses the bathroom doesn't make it hers. What next, new living room decor since sd uses that room too?

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No puppy YET. We have a rottweiler so........
BM did try to send over a Siamese fighting fish and an African clawed frog.
The frog stayed, the fish had to go back home.

The items BM purchased were:
2 pictures
a garbage can
a tissue holder

The "rub" is that SD already had these items in her bathroom (unbroken), and that any decision to change something in this house belongs to FDH (and to me).
Would I have cared if FDH redecorated her bathroom ? No.

But BM has no right and she crossed the line.

That woman drives me NUTS !!!!!!!