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I just saw on one of my local Facebook groups that a lady was asking how her ex can find someone to date.  People are responding how sweet. Then it goes in to say they are best friends and have two kids that they coparent great together.  I only saw one negative response that said maybe he should stop talking to his ex.  Then she said we have to talk all the time because of the kids.  I thought about responding and saying wait until I am out of this relationship and I will jump right in.  LOL


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Nothing sexier than an "arranged marriage" that's being handled by your new man's ex-wife. I'm sure everything will work out great! ETA and the fact that the ex's friends are all congratulating her on Facebook about how awesome she is for getting involved in this guy's love life will TOTALLY help the woman feel comfortable. The more hens clucking around a new relationship, the better, i say! 

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She's obviously looking for some unsuspecting desperate woman for her ex in order to try to line up her free weekly childcare (cause we all know most men are inept at single parenting) so that she can have her swing-from-the-chandelier-with-FWB-adults-only-time/child-free weekends

Smart woman  - Id recruit for my ex too (but I'd demand the new b*ng maid be compensated more than sl@ve wages) if it meant getting him some help to ensure he'd take those kids every single time he's supposed to like it's his duty  

Takes an entire village to raise these snowflake kids  


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I tried recruiting for my exhusband. I needed him to realize there was life after me so he'd stop harassing me. I asked one of his female coworkers to "check in" on him and support him. Truth be told, they probably would have ended up together anyway. She was in the tailend of a stagnant longterm relationship. Either way, they're married now and she's a better spouse to him than I ever was and a good stepmom to my kids. So win-win!

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Or Hell.  We are always happy to except new members   Well not happy about it. Buy always  excepting new members unfortunately 

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Ummmmm. Just no.  This BM is shopping for a sock monkey puppet to command as her day care bitch.  If her XH tolerates this crap... their poor kids are so screwed and any naive unfortunate next wife is doomed to at worst a life dominated by the XW and victimized by a ball-less husband and a best doomed to this nightmare for as blessedly short she can manage to make the relationship in this shit show.

That an XW is attempting to usurp the kindness of a terminally ill wife wanting the best for her husband to recruit a minion baby sitter just makes this XW even nastier than she is otherwise.

IMHO of course.