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Championship rings (Updated with results)

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SS18 slept in my sons room over the weekend while my Son was away. He had 2 Championship rings he won in tournaments in a display case on a shelf. Now the rings are gone and the display case is still there.  DH says there’s no reason for SS to steal it. Then where the fuck are they?!!   I searched my sons room and it’s not there. 


I fucking HATE my SS. He is worthless. 


UPDATE: 8/28

DH texted SS on Friday. Bullshit response. 

I text SS on Saturday. Bullshit response. 

DH texts SS on Monday. He says he’ll look for it. No response after that.

DH texts on Tuesday. No response. I text after. No response. 

DH texts today. He said I’m driving home. I’ll look when I  get home. 2 hours pass. DH texts again. He said he was out running errand for mom. DH said that was 2 hours ago. Why didn’t you look. He said I think I heard rattling in my bag. I’ll check when I get home. Hour passes. DH texts again. He said I’ll look now. SS said it was at the bottom of his bag. DH asked how did it get there. He said it might have fallen in in the middle of night while he was sleeping. 

Piece of shit! I hate that fucking kid. DH still isn’t mad and doesn’t think SS stole it. DH admitted that he’s full of shit but he’s not angry. 


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File a police report. If SS goes to pawn them they will be flagged.

Also, don't tell DH or S/ you are doing it so SS won't just trash them.

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SS is a complete idiot. I don’t know if he would even know how to pawn anything. Besides his mommy and step dad are rich. He wants for nothing. The rings are sentimental and probably not worth much. I have this terrible feeling we will never see the rings again. 

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At the very least you can decide if he sleeps in YOUR son's room or not.  If he comes over, lock your son's door.

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Have the display case dusted for prints.

Ban the little POS from your home.


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I dont think the police can do anything.  Even if their are prints on the case, he can say he touched the case.

I would be furious too.

Can you call the coach to see if you can order duplicates?  I know this does not solve the entire problem, but i would try

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File a police report, at least it shows the items were stolen, and no they won’t dust for prints or any of that.  But at least SS will see you doing this and he will see you don’t f@ck around.

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Also call your home owners insurance! 

Your son should be reimbursed!

Your husband is a POS as well, he KNOWS that piece of garbage of a son STOLE those rings!

Jaysus this post really pissed me off!

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Your husband is right. There is NO REASON for SS to steal it.

Doesnt mean he didnt. Is he jealous of your son? Is your son more successful, athletic, popular? Sounds like your son won a championship or 2 and SS is a loser

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Also look on places like Craig's List.  Just because the rings may not be worth much doesn't mean this a-hole won't try to sell them.  Definitely report it to the police.  Eff your DH.

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We were told by a Child Psychologist, when anything is stolen "AGAIN"  CALL THE POLICE. There are no coincidences.

IF kids run away 'again' call the police.

Call the police OP...file a report.

Sorry about the rings. I hope they turn up. This is awful.  I DO know who you feel. It makes you feel violated.

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This might sound like a silly suggestion but ... have you checked with your son that he didn't take the rings with him for whatever rason there may be? If you have then and he didn't then call the police.

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So your son has to just eat the loss of his rings? I wouldn’t sit for it. I’d confront the kid. And then make your good for nothing husband pay to replace them since he’s got money. I don’t get the passive response of doing nothing. 

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I texted SS and got the run around.  "I saw it on the shelf".  That's about it.  I told DH that SS will have to pay for it, even though they cannot be replaced.  I already contacted the old coach and we can't get replacements.  But the money will go to my son.

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So terrible. If they were not worth a lot monetarily, they were taken to be a douche. Likely out of jealousy. 

I would be livid. 

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Just read your past post 

SS sits on his disgusting ass and plays video games the entire time he visits …

That Xbox PlayStation whatever the feck it is & ALL games Would. Be. Gone.!!! Pawned for whatever $$$ I could get for them! Believe that!

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I am SO LIVID!!!!  Arguing with DH that he had something to do with it and DH says there is no reason for him to steal it and why do I think he would do something like that.  I'm like are you kidding me?  

SS is such a liar and a lazy ass.  I can't fucking stand him!!!!!!!!!!!