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Confirmed that SS "took" my son's Championship rings

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Update on my last post. 

After a lot of hounding and fighting with DH, SS said he found the rings at the bottom of his overnight bag.  He claims "It must have fallen in there while I sleeping in the middle of the night."


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SS18 slept in my sons room over the weekend while my Son was away. He had 2 Championship rings he won in tournaments in a display case on a shelf. Now the rings are gone and the display case is still there.  DH says there’s no reason for SS to steal it. Then where the fuck are they?!!   I searched my sons room and it’s not there. 


I fucking HATE my SS. He is worthless. 


UPDATE: 8/28

DH texted SS on Friday. Bullshit response. 

I text SS on Saturday. Bullshit response. 

DH texts SS on Monday. He says he’ll look for it. No response after that.

DH texts on Tuesday. No response. I text after. No response. 

DH texts today. He said I’m driving home. I’ll look when I  get home. 2 hours pass. DH texts again. He said he was out running errand for mom. DH said that was 2 hours ago. Why didn’t you look. He said I think I heard rattling in my bag. I’ll check when I get home. Hour passes. DH texts again. He said I’ll look now. SS said it was at the bottom of his bag. DH asked how did it get there. He said it might have fallen in in the middle of night while he was sleeping. 

Piece of shit! I hate that fucking kid. DH still isn’t mad and doesn’t think SS stole it. DH admitted that he’s full of shit but he’s not angry. 


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What an asshole Regina!! They fell into his bag?!?!? How does that happen in your sleep. He's 18, not 5. That's the kind of answer id expect from a small child.

I wonder if he thought they'd be worth something and found out not so decided to return. Im looking into cameras right now. Definitely going to put something in my closet.

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He’s an asshole who’s trying to get in the Navy. Yeah, give him a gun and a license to kill. He hasn’t graduated from HS yet so we’ll see. 

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they were just sitting on a shelf and could have been knocked in but you said they are in a display case. Which means the whole case would have toppled into the bag, unnoticed.

(I once lost a key to a cabinet when it fell off the secret hook I had for it in my closet. It fell into piece of clothing and somehow I missed it. Had DH drill out the old lock and replace it. Just as he finished, I reached into something next to that clothing and felt the key. Was embarassing to show him I found it.)

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If this were his first offense, I'd consider giving him the benefit of the doubt.  SS has lied his entire life. 

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You got the memo loud and clear to keep everything under lock and key!  I got that same memo after ss33 stole my bluetooth headset and other items off my desk. DH said, "It must've been the cat who knocked them off your desk and dragged them off."  Sure DH, the cat took a bluetooth, a very large semi precious stone, and other valuables... After that I insisted that DH be right by ss anytime he is in our home and I lock everything up when he is coming over.  

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Yeah, I told DH I don't want SS going into my son's room at all.  And he's only to be here if we are here too.  No more being alone in my house.  He's 18 - really there's no reason for him to come over at all.  

LOL - the cat took your bluetooth.  

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Locks! Don't trust either one. I have locks on some cabinets because DH refused to believe SDs took stuff. So I solved problem myself. Suddenly nothing in those cabinets was ever missing!

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Hey, still learning,

I've been enjoying the vision of your clever kitty waiting until the coast is clear, then dragging the bluetooth headset from its hiding place and rockin' and rollin' all over the house. While sporting your stolen jewelry, of course!


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So the skid is a thief as well as a liar. At least your DH stayed on top of the issue and rode him until the rings were returned.

But what happens now? How do you protect your possessions? Can you put a lock on your son's bedroom door? Install nanny cams? Or ban him?

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For sure put a locking door knob on his door. And do NOT allow your husband access to the key, since he is clearly delusional when it comes to his theiving kid.

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At least you have them back for your son. However, like everyone else said- all trust is now gone. Time for locks.

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Your husband isn't mad?  He doesn't think his kid stole it?  No consequences for the little thief?  Seriously?  Is DH that stupid, or does he really think SS did it and just doesn't want to admit it?

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I think DH thinks it was an honest and innocent mistake and doesn’t warrant punishment. Also DH doesn’t think he can’t  punish him. He’s 18 mostly with mom blah blah blah! I disagree. 

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Now the issue is going to be getting them back.  Is the little felon going to be back any time soon or are you going to trust him to "mail them" back?  I would want them sent certified in an express envelope and have him send a picture of the receipt so his father can reimburse him the cost.  If you don't micro-manage it, you know he won't actually get around to going to the post office and mailing them.   And if you wait until he comes back, they could easily get lost for real.  Great that they are found but I would not be satisfied until they are actually in my hand.

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I agree. SS is supposed to come this weekend but we said no because we will be gone. 

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That is because you are a decent person.  Obviously 2 rings do not fall perfectly out of a display case and into an overnight bag.  That strains credulity and is just plain silly.  However, it is more than reasonable that an earring would snag on a sweater or somone would pick up a folder or envelope thinking that it was theirs.  When a mistake is uncovered, you correct it immediately and with profuse apologies.

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They fell in his bag while he was sleeping.  Yes, because rings are migratory. 

I can't believe your DH falls for that BS. 

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Your H has the worse case of denial and so sorry you have to be subjected to that BS. I'd be upset that your H didn't address his thieving son. I can't believe for one minute that he thinks it was an honest rings walk out of a case and into bags.....I mean really Dash 1

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Put a key lock on DS room.  Do not give DH a key because he will let SS in DS room.  Put a lock on a closed in your room and lock up all your stuff.  DH wants to put his head in the sand you have to take action.  SS should not be coming to your house. You can not let a thief Rome yout home.

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My entire family IS a family of long military service. Sure your ss can possibly get into the service. But a thief will steal again, HE will be caught and will be tossed out on his ass.

Maybe, just maybe that is why your dh didnt want to call the cops. He may think the military IS ss only hope.

I am sorry you went thru this. There is nothing worse than being violated inside your own home. WE were too. It is an awful awful feeling. You never get over it. You move away from it, but you never get over it.




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When I got home I looked again at the set up in my sons room and there is no possible way the rings could have fallen into his bag. Also, coincidence that two rings fell together and nothing else.  Two rings of sentimental value. Two rings that look very very similar to the ring SS got for his “graduation” party when he didn’t even graduate from HS. What are the odds. 

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1. I’m so glad you are getting the rings back! Your previous post p!ssed me off to no end!

2. Once I had the rings in my hand, I would FREAK OUT on that little piece of sh!t. I mean SCORCHED EARTH freak out! I would put the fear of God Almighty into that little bastard and if he’s ball-less father had anything to say he’d get some too!

keep us updated!

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I appreciate it! Glad to know I’m not alone in feeling this way. Too many people out there want to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s been weighing heavily on me. 

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Benefit of doubt my a$$!

Benifit of the doubt would apply if he took your sons blue T-shirt cause he has the exact same blue T-shirt. THAT could be an honest mistake.

Feckin objects DO NOT jump out of a CLOSED container into a duffel bag.

 I think I’ll go browsing at Tiffany & Co this weekend & see if anything falls into my handbag, I’m sure the security guard will give me the benefit of the doubt …

Benefit of doubt …Your husband is a GD idiot! Tell that a$$hole husband he better call Ghostbusters, it’s OBVIOUS the house is haunted & there’s serious paranormal activity, objects are just flying through the air.

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Stole something from DSs room and a few other things around the house were “borrowed” and the skid had a habit of going through things (even simple paperwork for a professional society I was in). It’s going on six years but I installed keypad locks on everyone’s closets including the other skids. DH set his closet to always be unlocked but mine and DSs are still locked. I also bought a big safe for important stuff. I also cannot trust DH not to touch stuff (seriously, he took some things I specifically had stored in the basement for my use and pointed it out to the kids and him yet he was the only one who couldnt leave it alone) so the closets are staying locked.