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Moms need breaks too!

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Have any moms (step and/ or bio) just started taking breaks when they need them like dads do? And what happened? 

Ive asked for help very explicitly and nothing is changing, so I’ve decided I’m going to change things myself. I’m with all of the children (2 SS, 1 BD and 1 BS) all of the time! He’s in the garage, working, sleeping, etc. I’m not saying he’s not sometimes doing something constructive, but I’m never alone! I have to stay up late and be exhausted to get 30 minutes! 

So today after work I sent him a text saying I’ll be home at 7 and said I need a break. I’m wondering if this is genius or if it’s going to backfire. I figure I’ll just start doing what he does.

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I usually have 1 weekend a month where we are kid free (except for SS18 but he can fend for himself for a day or night). Before that, I got a babysitter. Especially since it is summer time, treat yourself to a teenager babysitter and go to the movies. Watch a movie at 1 in the afternoon and get the whole bag of popcorn to yourself!! 

My ex was in the military and gone at least 3 weeks out of every month then every other year he was gone for 6 months on deployment. Babysitters were my saving grace! It is amazing what 2 hours to yourself can do for your sanity!

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One summer I hired a mother's helper (a 10 to 12 year old girl) who came over a few days a week to play with the kids and keep an eye on them while I did stuff around the house or took a load off. Smile