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Irresponsible BM

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Per the agreement, BM is supposed to purchase a one way ticket for SS9 taking him to her for Winter break. When the school released its calendar, I sent her copies via email and text so she could plan accordingly. She didn't. Before Thanksgiving I found a flight for $40 + $100 for the unaccompanied minor fee.. not bad right? So I told her about it.. of course she failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

By the time she decided to look for a flight she could only find $300+  which would "break her". That falls under the category of 'Not my problem'. My DH was able to find a flight into Vagas for $250 with fees.. this means BM has to drive 3.5 hours to the airport but so do we. She books the flight with 5 days to spare.. cool we don't have to look at SS sad face! 

We arrive at the airport to check in, the agent then informs us that the unaccompanied minor fee has NOT be collected. DH calls her for proof of purchase, she swears she paid it.. "ok female send us the proof that you did so we can show the ticket agent".

Instead she proceeds to try and pick a fight with DH, I swear if it where up to me we would've driven right back home. 

I can't wait until we don't have to deal with anymore.. she's annoying af!


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Yep.. and please know it's not about the money. It's about BM not taking responsibility. Her taking advantage of putting us in a situation where if we hadn't paid the fee, we would have looked like the bad guys. 

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Wow... you have a special kind of stupid BM to deal with!

How did you guys get it so she has to pay 1/2?? I am jealous as hell!!

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Oh she is a special kind of stupid *wacko*. The deal is whom ever SS is with primarily, takes full financial responsibility during that time.. the other parent it to pay for flights for holidays and summer break, and fully provide for SS while in their care. 

Pls know that she got lucky this time around because we were only asking her to pay for the flight to her, we covered the flight back. SS has been with us the whole school year therefore BM has not had to take any type of responsibility during this time. 

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All that female was supposed to pay for was the flight to her. DH and I took care of the flight back to us.