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In a FUNK today :(

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Hey everyone,

I can probably blame this on PMS plus the impending cold temps and yet ANOTHER fucking snowstorm coming tonight/tomorrow, but I am just in a FUNK.

Had a pleasant but busy weekend, where DH and I got a lot done. Ran errands, shopped, revamped our chinchilla's cage and started designing a new one for when the babies are full grown by Fall...cleaned out some closets, moved a piece of furniture to his dad's, visited his grandparents and basically did a lot of other busy work that needed to be done.

Now I'm just feeling out of sorts, sad, unmotivated, grumpy, tired. Bored at work, as usual.

Sent BM her first doubled CS check today for May 1st. That blew. From $250 a month to $550. DH still drives around with a box of Stepdevil14's things from the old apartment in his truck. I asked him yesterday if he could just drop it off at her place and he said "I'll give it back to her when she calls me to attend therapy visits with her, if that day ever comes". Poor guy. Still holding out hope his daughter will throw him a bone.

My DD15 is doing ok in Michigan. She's trying to raise all of her grades so she doesn't end up in summer school and miss some of her visitation here. Of course, I can pull the CO out and demand my ex fly her down the minute she gets out of school and not return her till a week before she starts her sophomore year, but I'm not going to do that unless SHE wants me to. She can always take extra classes online at our place if she wants.

The sun is gone, the cold weather is coming back, I'm due to start my period tomorrow - I guess that is probably it. I think I'll swing by and pick up a bottle of wine on my way home this evening along with some firewood. We'll likely need it for tomorrow night. Gonna be in the 20's again, May 1st. God, I want to leave Colorado!!!


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Well it probably is PMS because I feel the same way. We just don't have cold weather here. Hang in there you'll feel better in a few days. Probably just need rest like me. Smile

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Why don't you have her do summer school in your area, or like you suggest online. Her grades may improve while she is with you.

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I'm leaving it up to her, really. If she wants to come out in June and stay thru August, that's her choice. She's 15 now so I told her I'd leave summer visits (the duration) up to her and her dad from now till she graduates or decides to move here.

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I've lived in Colorado for 3 years now, I don't think the altitude affects me anymore. I don't really miss Michigan, just my kid, my dog and my family.

I don't have allergies either Smile LOL

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Turn that frown upside down. when I'm in a funk . I eat donut holes , watch Harlem shake videos, and read auto correct mistakes online. so maybe that can help.

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Donut holes!! I love Krispy Kreme but there's only 2 in our area and both are a good distance from both my home and work Sad BOOOOOO!

I love those auto correct websites. Hilarious! Thanks for the idea Smile's picture

The dog shaming websites always cheer me up- I live in the midwest and we are going from 70 to 30. The dreary crappy weather is coming back and I think I'm just depressed. Feeling in a funk for awhile now, draw up a hot bath and go to bed early- tomorrow is always a new day Smile

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Yeah I hear ya. I would go to bed early but the Wings start playoff game 1 against the Ducks tonight at 8:30...'s picture

I know- my kid has practice so I can't go to bed early either. However, I love hockey!

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Sorry RedWing your in a funk! The weather alone would do it for me. Hope she gets the grades up, but yes I would maybe look into summer school in your area. Hopefully she doesn't miss out on any of her time with you.

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Thanks. The weather is just killing me. I mean, we'll have a great, sunny and warm day and the next, we're looking at a damn foot of snow. I literally turned the A/C on in our apartment yesterday. Today and tomorrow - gonna need a fire in the fireplace! It's so stupid.

No need for summer school here in CO, since if she does end up having to take classes, they can be done online. Smile

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I can not believe it is still snowing. I would seriously have hung myself by now...although the money I would be making would be fantastic. (i make mega's for storms!)

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No shit right? I'm SOOOO over it. I'm actually considering calling in sick to work tomorrow.'s picture

Be Careful, I called in sick on a wednesday (I NEVER call in sick) it made for THE LONGEST week EVER- won't do that again unless I really have too!

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I'm sorry. I hate the bored at work feeling with everything in me!

About DH, could he hang out with guy friends a little more to help cheer him up? I would not expect to hear from SD anytime soon. She needs her space and although it has got to s*ck, it may be a blessing in disguise for everyone. Hopefully giving her space will persuade her at some point to reach out to him, even if it is years from now, to build a better relationship with him. I think she's still processing being demoted, as I have said before. As I've also said before, nobody likes being demoted. Maybe you could say to DH,

"Although the changes you made are better for her in the long run, at 14, she doesn't see it like that or have the maturity to. Hopefully giving her some space and letting her reach out to you will help her to see that you did what you did FOR HER (emphasis on for her, not in a yelling way, but in a way that hopefully she'll realize someday that her dad did what he did because he truly loves her and wants to teach her important life skills). It may be years until she comes around. But time heals all wounds, so hopefully the wounds everyone now has will heal and you two can develop a healthy, close relationship. Maybe, by that time, she will have a BF. You can use that as an opportunity to model for her how you want her to behave regarding our relationship." And encourage him to contact friends he's wanted to catch up with, and go out and do guy stuff with them. It won't take away his pain but hopefully it'll help.

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Thanks Anon - I've had that kind of discussion with Dh before. He told me he's fine, he just doesn't want to talk about her until she reappears in his life. So I've agreed to drop any and all things stepdevil-related. Then of course, his dad gets a text from stepdevil bragging about her good grades and wanting rewards for it and passes the text to DH, which gets him all depressed again.

He hangs out with his guy friends from time to time and loves time at home with me as well. I don't think much is going to help but time.

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I miss hearing from you Dog person.

I feel much like withdrawing too. Of course, when I get home, there's stuff to do. Maybe I'll just nix cooking tonight and have cereal for dinner.

One good thing is the Red Wings start playoffs tonight. Of course, the game starts at 8:30pm though. Doubt I'll make it all the way through it since I'm so fatigued.

UGH! I just wanna go home now!

I hope things get better for you soon. I wish we were closer in distance. We could hang out together!

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Keekee - thanks. Yeah, I remember those cherry blossoms when I lived in Virginia. Oh how I miss those days. I LOVED living there and want to go back someday.

I definitely don't have the urge to eat an entire chicken - I always crave sweet (and sometimes salty) snacks like chocolate and trail mix.

I think I'm gonna get some wine and chocolate Smile

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Crazy isn't it? I'm so sick of the up and down shit. Flowers are starting to sprout up here and trees are getting green buds, yet tomorrow is calling for 6+" of snow and 20's and 30's? I'm just so over it.

Sorry he's getting on your nerves. Especially over something so stupid!!!!

Quitting smoking? Now that is a task. I've never smoked but my mother is a chain smoker, 3 packs a day my entire life. I've watched her try to quit. It wasn't pretty.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks Monkey - but we live in an apartment with a concrete slab patio. No outside work to do! Sad And I'm the opposite of a green thumb anyway. I kill all of them even though my intentions are good!

I'm glad you're in a great mood. I will likely be in a few days too!! Smile

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Sorry you're feeling so down, Mel.

I'm sending you some Charleston sunshine, hope you feel better soon!


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Thanks sweets. I would LOVE some of your southern sunshine and sweet tea right about now!

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Meanwhile, it's 95 in my neck of the woods!!

Chin up, RedWing.. that dang PMS will getcha every time! Go get that bottle of wine and enjoy THE ENTIRE THING!! Smile

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Dayum that's hot mommabear!

Definitely buying wine and chocolate on my way home!

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Soon2B - thanks for that Smile Oreos, mmmmmmm. Have you ever tried the Birthday cake flavored Oreos? Holy hell soooooooo good.

I can usually tell when I'm spiraling down into a strange state of being. I'm usually pretty upbeat for the most part. Damn PMS hormones and nasty Colorado weather! Grrrrr!

I've learned how to be strong over time but today I feel like just indulging in chocolate, wine and having a good cry with my kitty cuddled on the couch with me. Smile

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RedWingsFan, I'll think about you tonight while I'm watching the Ducks. We are Ducks fans, live in Anaheim. Used to live in Buffalo, so know how hard that weather can be. I remember it snowed on Mother's day one year. Definitely prefer Southern California. Get those Oreos and wine and watch the game.

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GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm feeling better knowing I get to leave work in 30 minutes. Gonna head to the store after work, grab the mail, get in my jammies and pour me some wine. Definitely looking forward to the game.