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She is breeding for unconditional love.... again. The Princess Manifesto

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It has become so brazen that she is even openly advertising that her puppy mill of procreation is self-serving.  This kid is so damaged, and her poor children are up for a lifetime of mama drama because she thinks the solution to being abandoned by her crack head mother, and her loser father, is between her legs.  Creating yet another generation of victims is her strategy for fixing herself.

These poor babies.  She has a 4yo by an XBF, a 2yo by an absent new husband, and now is apparently pregnant with a baby girl deposited by one of her DH's drive by visits.  

She is a licensed dental assistant, or at least she was, and had a good job.  By all indications she was on her way to putting her tragic childhood behind her.  She finished her AS in Dental Assisting with honors, and was about halfway through nursing school when her breeding for love career started.  Her first baby daddy figured out her issues and was one and done if not before their son was born, then shortly thereafter. Baby daddy #1's mother takes most of his share of the 50/50 custody of their son. Then she roped in baby daddy number 2.  Both of her sons are supposedly wups babies.  However, how evil and stupid does someone have to be to not understand that unprotected sex returns consequences? Particularly when that person is a nursing student.  She and baby daddy #2 did marry not long after their spawn made its debut.  Now apparently there is a Princess to add to the brood. My heart breaks for those babies. My heart even breaks for this young woman. But less and less so as her idiocy matures.

The sad part is that the aunt this young woman is honoring is her breeding for unconditional love mentor.  My DW and I took her to lunch a couple of years ago when her love breeding niece was first knocked up with #2.  I commented at lunch that I felt bad for the babies due to her niece's quest for a platoon of unconditional love monkeys (I of course did not use these words) to give her what she did not have as a little girl.  DW's cousin's response was extremely interesting and surprising.  

"I understand what you mean. I'm afraid I have done the same thing with my two boys.  I was so miserable I fulfilled my need for love by having them.  I pray that I have not ruined their lives because, until I had them, no one has ever truly loved me."

She is still married to her abusive husband.  We have provided her with $ to leave, which she then uses to go on vacations with her BFFs.  We cut her off after a few $Thousand over a decade ago. She still calls periodically to beg for money to make her escape. We are done with that crap.  

Some clarification on the players in this drama.  My DW never knew her BioDad. He was killed in a car wreck before my MIL knew she was pregnant with my DW.  DW has two first cousins.  These are the daughters of DW's BioDad's younger brother.  The young woman at the heart of this story is my DW's 2nd 1st cousin's eldest daughter of 3. This young woman's mother is truly a crack head, has a rap sheet a mile long, has been in and out of jail for decades, and the whole family surfs the obituaries every week to find out if she has ODd or frozen to death in a homeless camp or crack house. It is sad how this entire family is destroying themselves over their baggage associated with the crack head.  The Aunt is DW's other 1st cousin. The eldest of my DW's Uncle's two daughters.  This damaged young woman was molested by friends of her crack head mother when she was very young.  Her mom had two more baby girls with a long-term BF though she and this young woman's father were married for 20+ years though they were never really together.  Shortly after this young woman was born her father joined the military, shipped out, and never came back.  Oddly, this guy was one of my DW's first boyfriends.  They dated when DW would visit her paternal GM in the summers and over the holidays.  When DW became pregnant with SS by the Spermidiot, this guy whacked out and went after DW's youngest cousin.  For the first few years we were married this guy would call my DW occasionally professing his undying love for her, making sure she and my SS were safe and okay, and offered to come rescue them.  It was truly pathetic.  He and the Spermidiot were very much alike. My DW's uncle and aunt are both substance abusers with insane amounts of baggage of their own.

This evening my bride will ask if I saw her cousin's post on the baby girl.  I will bite my tongue beyond replying "yes".  That one word will express volumes regarding my opinion on the matter.   

If there is anyone who has no business having children, it is this extremely damaged young woman.

And now with no further delay, the unconditional love breeder's Princess Manifesto.



Thank you everyone for all the love and congratulations on our pregnancy (hearts) I figured this post would be easier than replying to each individual comment! (sweaty laughy face)  Everyone knows I’ve always wanted a girl, to repair a part of me that was broken by my own mother. Life definitely has its own timing, and I’m so glad my boys are going to have a little sister to love and protect, and that she will have the best big brothers to look up to (hearts)  we chose her name to honor not only my grandma Linn who taught me so much throughout my young adulthood, but also my aunt Mary(hearts) she’s shown up in every way she can for me, regardless of anything else going on in this world. God gave me her because he knew that I needed a motherly figure. I’ve been blessed with many extra moms over the years, so many selfless women taking me in when I was homeless at 14 and loving me as their own, but my bond with my auntie has always been extraordinary. I wanted my baby to have a name that embodied some of the women who stepped in and cared for me, that taught me what love and community is. Marynn is the perfect embodiment of love, support, heart, selflessness, and beauty; and I can’t wait to tell her the story of how we chose her name, and tell her all about the amazing women I’ve come to know in my lifetime(hearts) so again, I thank you all so much, our family is overjoyed and all of your kind words have meant the world to me (heart covered kissy face)



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This is sad, attention-seeking and in light of her situation, tragically naive.

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Yes it is. 

I cringe any time her tragic naive antics break my DW's heart.  No one has been straight with her yet.  My DW's clan tends to coddle, ignore, gush, swarm to give the warm fuzzy, but never will actually say to the problem what they are all taking about behind the problem's back.  

I tend to bite my tongue, but only for so long, before I just lay it out.  Of course that makes me persona non grata because heaven forbid someone actually says out loud to the problem what they have all been thinking and whispering.

It drives me nuckin futz.