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At least 9hrs of drive time during our 35hr road trip was spent laughing.

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I recently rescued my bride and our kid (my SS-18) from the SpermClan/IL homeland.

We had a great time roadtripping back to Tx. The stops were beautiful, how can you beat, Crater Lake, Eastern OR, Reno, Tahoe, VA City, the N rim of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Four Corners?

Most notable were the laughs we had. The kid (my SS-18) kept his mom and I rolling with laughter and on the verge of tears. I kept the two of them rolling and my wife kept the kid and I in a state of laugh lock.

To scalp and modify someone elses line, we have raised a kid to age 18 without killing him or having to deal with any criminal benaviour from him.

I am actually looking forward to growing as a family as he launches (maybe some day he actually will launch) and growing old with my wife. Now that we are nearer to getting the Skid off of our payroll and we have (so far) avoided spawning together I look forward to chasing her hot sexy bod around the beaches, mountains, deserts and resorts of the world.

My 16+ year StepDad career has actually been highly enjoyable. Not without it's challenges but enjoyable none the less.

Of course we will continue to enjoy our son. Even it it requires strapping antlers to his head, stapling a target to his ass and using him to hunt during deer season. We will enjoy him. Maybe he will even be tasty and tender if we put him on the smoker long enough? :? Fat side up of course to make sure the flavor gets in to the lean meat. }:)

JJOC. Biggrin

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Thank you much for sharing Rags, it is really inspirational to know the possibility of a civil relationship w/ skids is not a myth. Smile

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That is a great promotion and reward for being a good StepDad.

Congrats to you, your bride and BioDad and SM for doing a good job with the SKids.

Your blended family story is a goal we should all aspire to.

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