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Update on ss15 hating dh update in the blog

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I talked to ss15 about how it has come to our attention that he might hate his dad and why. (Remember bm said that it is b/c dh left her to be a single mom and she had to work and make sacrifices as a dingle mom and is disabled now. Anyway ss15 looked at me and said "Is mom spreading lies again?" I said I don't want to say who and I don't want you to think I'm talking bad about your mom but I think you need to talk to your dad. He said "You bet I'm clear this up!"

His dad (dh) went to the store while I talked to ss15. As soon as he got home ss15 talked to him in his room and cleared the whole thing up. They were in there for a good 20 mins. When they came out dh said that ss15 was pissed at his mom and that it was not true that he hates his dad.

Now ladies dh thinks that ss15 went to him on his own and I said nothing which is fine. However what if ss15 goes home and says something to his mom which I have a feeling he is going to do. He has no problem saying things to her and telling her to shut up. soo my question is should I tell dh that I talked to ss15? I mean this needed to be cleared up. I had the feeling that b m made all that crap up and I was right.

UPDATE: I told dh that I as very impressed with ss15 and that we talked before he got home. Dh said that ss15 was about to cry when he talked to him. Dh said that eh opened up to ss15 and told him everything bm said that day. He said ss15 said it didn't surprise him and the only disability she has is in her head. And asked his dad how in the world he lasted as long as he did with her. And that he wants to live with us but afraid of the fight with his mom. He also said that his mom needs some serious help but he doesn't know what to do. Dh told him that he can't do anything he is just a kid and not to worry about it.

Dh also said that ss15 put it together and knows we have been married longer then they were and said we are sooo good for each other. I think a have a great little man on my hands!!!


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Wow...maybe I would tell him and prepare him. If your BM is like ours, she'll try to argue with her own child about it. Then somehow turn it around on my big argument in other words.

It's great though that SS came to you...and that he believes his mother is a liar.

Nice. }:)

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I know this is not the first time either. As I said with everything that happened and how it happened I didn't believe that ss15 said that or even thought it. Bm just made up the crap to try to guilt dh about leaving her yet again. Please it has been 8 years give it up already! :sick:

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I know how you feel.

BM has poisoned her kids so much they should look like AIDS victims.

I just wish for once they would say they knew she was lying. Oh - I guess they have at one time or another - but it was silently said and recanted later.

God forbid their saint of a mother do any wrong in their eyes! They do just about anything to hide her involvement in anything remotely out of line. Whatever she's because she HAD to.

She's pulled the same shit on my DH - 'the kids said this..or that' trying to rile things up.

BM actually DOES equal bowel movement ya know? }:)

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Thanks but putting him in a group or anything might be impossible as we only have them EOW. I truly think bm has some kind of mental illness as nothing she ever does or says makes sense. take today when we were supposed to pick up the boys, Sh was supposed to get them at 4 but we didn't get them till 7, why? B/c she is SLOW, she said she had to get them ready to go. UMM you know when dh comes to get them and how hard is it to tell them to grab their coats that their dad is on the way???? They don't take any clothes or anything like that so what is the big deal? THEN she texted and said that ss11 has to take a dump! WTH? Really? It took her 3 hours to get those boys to the drop off site b/c she was trying to get them ready to go???? The women is nuts. Mind you through out the who;e 3 hours she was giving updates to their progress and why they were going to be late. :?

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I know I am loving the kind of person ss15 is turning in to! I am also loving the fact that none of the boys are having any of bm BS! }:)