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need some help with my bro and his soon to be ex.

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Ok my bro and his GF are no longer. Anyway bro and soon to ex wife (no they are not divorced yet), are fighting really bad. She went out of state and lied to everyone where she went in fact she got my parents to watch the kids but said she was going with her mom. When my bro found out he picked up the kids but then got a call from her saying she had been arrested and needed to bail her out. Bro wasn;t going to as he didn't have the money but her mom and sis called begging him to go get her. But of course how are they going to $900 to do so? Her sis called their dad but dad refused to help unless he got the real story as he said it didn;t make since as to why she is out of state with out my bro. (he didn't know they are getting a divorce) her sis told him everything and what happened and why she was out of state (too her her BF).

Ok so her dad sent the money but told bro to leave her and that she needs help. But he needs to think of the kids and to get them out of that situation. So bro goes and bails her out but as soon as he walked out she started hitting my bro and on the way home she did it again but that time my bro put his arm up to block her and she hit his elbow with her eye. She has a little cut under her eye and is a little red. now she is telling him she will call the police and have bro arrested for abuse.

Bro did his homework and got a hold of the jail and they went back and saw the tapes and it has her on their hitting him all the while my bro never touched her. plus he somehow got a hold of the city and they said they have the part where she hit him and her eye hit his elbow since they were at a red light. He told me that they have it saved in case our state wants it.

But the best part of all this is that she showed up at my house last night and never mentioned a thing about it but wanted to use my phone to call her mom to come get her. Then she shows up today and wanted to use my phone to call my bro and then she walked home.

I told my bro he needs to take everything to court and get the kids and everything. She is out of control. There is way more to this so much so that bro lawyer already told him that he will get everything he asked for with the evidence he has.


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He should have left her skanky ass in jail. Since he did not and now that he has tape of her beating him he needs to press assault charges immediately, put her ass in prison and get his kids away from her permanently.

I recommend that he take control of this firmly and immediately.

Good luck.

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Yeah she went to jail for driving on a suspended license. However the reason bro will get what he wants is b/c she has left the kids with my bro. This isn't the first time either. All I know is that is what my bro said that the lawyer said I wasn't there.