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Ladies I need to good vibes or really a 'friend'.

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I say 'friend' as she is really an ex co worker. I heard on the new that she was shot in the face by her bf tues morn. She is in the hospital right now. She was found walking down the street for their home already shot by the police.

The bf called the police saying he shot his gf and he felt he had no choice. Now 'friend' is kinda psycho as I worked with her for about a year. she is the one that came in with mace and maced everyone. I don;t know if you remember that or not.

Anyway I know 'friends' bf is a big guy and is controlling however I do think that since 'friend' is little and he is huge that he could have done something other than shot her in the face no less. If he felt he had to shot her why not in the arm or leg or something or even punch her and run. I mean he could easily push her so hard and down that he could have ran out the door.

I do hope that she makes it and she needs some good vibes. She is kinda psycho though so I do believe they got in a huge fight and she was hitting him as much as he was hitting her.


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Oh dear!! That is horrible!! I said a small prayer for her and hope she makes it. Nobody deserves that, crazy or not.

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I agree she didn;t not deserve to be shot. She had broke up with him for a long time like over a year while she was working with us. However when she lost her job (due to the mace) she went back to him and we all told her that was a stupid idea. Well nothing we could do as she is her own person. But it proved to be the wrong move. Sad

I don't know why she didn;t just move to Tx with her parents who have custody of her son. That would have been the best.

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Wow. That is really intense and disturbing, even for you to be around this.
I hope she will be ok.

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I hope she is too. I was really a part of her life only knew her from work. I do know she was on some drugs hence why she maced us at work and lost her job. So i really think that has a lot to do with it too. I think she was on something and was parinord about something and went off on her bf as she often did at work. They got in a huge fight and they were hitting each other. i just don;t think shooting her was the best way out.