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BM is a nasty b*tch

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BM dropped SS15, SD12 and SS10 last night after having them since Friday eve. All 3 of them had not showered all weekend long and were wearing the same clothes they were wearing when they left. SS10's shirt had stains from every meal he's eaten over the weekend. SD12's hair smelled of dirty baby diapers and cigarettes and SS15's socks were no longer white and can stand on their own. If that isn't bad enough, I go out to walk SS10 to the bus stop this morning and I find a used, crap-filled baby diaper in my driveway that fell out of BM's car as she was dropping the kids off....Disgusting Nasty Bitch....


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I can kind of understand the 10 year old and maybe the 12 year old, but the 15 year old doesn't know to take a shower?

Surely peer pressure from kids at school would make them realize they need to wash and change clothes.

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Your stepkids, at least the 15 and 12 year olds, are old enough to shower and change clothes on their own. They're nasty as well.

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The kids are just as nasty.

They are old enough to know to wash their butts and change their clothes.

I doubt that dirty diaper "fell" into your driveway. Most likely mom tossed it there.

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I just woke SS15 and SD12 for school and asked them why they hadn't showered. They both said momma told them not to waste her $$$$ on hot water, that she has 8 kids total and the 2 in diapers get washed and then she has no more hot water and that its not a big deal because they weren't going anywhere and could shower here. These 3 live with us full-time and shower and change clothes daily without being reminded. SS9 the youngest lives with her and we can't even stand his stench when we pick him up EOWE and make him shower as soon as he gets here. Before they lived with us, we'd have to Febreeze the car every time we picked them up. I work with dogs so you can be sure that someone is going to find bags of dog crap in her driveway next weekend when we pick up the smelly little titty-suck SS9

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I love how people come on here to call the kids nasty before even hearing the whole story. lol

First...the kids may be fibbing just to not get in trouble for not cleaning themselves. DH needs to find out for sure.

If the story is real, then DH needs to talk to BM and tell here that she needs to let the kids shower when at her house.

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Its BM. She's been investigated for neglect 3 times already and that's why we have the 3 that we know are DH's for sure. SD12 washes 2 times a day too. She ran in and called shower before the boys could

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Our BM does the same thing b/c of paying for water. They can only take timed showers at her house so she doesn't have a high water bill...that's also the reason they can't have clean clothes every day SMH.

SS13 has been known to take 2 baths a day at our house b/c he can't at BMs. I bitch b/c I don't wanna pay the water bill either but he gets in the tub when we aren't around, fills it up with hot water, then gets out.

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Wow, sad. Not the best of solutions, but perhaps you could suggest the kids sponge bath at the bathroom sink while there? As the kids are use to being clean and fresh at your house, it must be terribly degrading to sit around their mom's house all stinky and dirty. I think I'd be worried about bugs in their bags traveling back and forth too (cringes).

You might try picking up some simple tees from goodwill that you could send and then pitch each visit. They'd have clean tees to put on after washing up and no big loss when you toss the tees away. Usually simple basic tees won't cost you more than a few bucks for all each month. If it gives the kids something fresh to wear and a way to not gag on their own filth and smell it'd be worth the tiny price. Of course the next issue would be BM not letting the kids use washcloths Sad

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Yeah, I'm gonna have a big huge dog poop accident next weekend in her driveway. Might even keep the diaper and pack it in with SS9'S clothes to send back home with it.

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> I find a used, crap-filled baby diaper in my driveway that fell out of BM's car as she was dropping the kids off<

>They both said momma told them not to waste her $$$$ on hot water<

I'm guessing the money she is saving on the hot water usage is NOT being used for the garbage collection tax?

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I gather not DracO. And she can't complain and say she gives it all to us, she doesn't pay a penny in CS and won't even help with clothes, school dues/supplies, medical bills or anything. I think I'm seeing a Great Dane and a couple of Pit Bulls this week. They should make for nice, big, huge poop bags full...

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heh! If I were in your situation, I would have picked up the poopy diaper, placed it in a ziplock bag, drive over to BM's house, knock on the door and once face to face with BM, I would hand it to her saying "I believe you may have accidentaly dropped this on my driveway."

My wife's ex doesn't do anything so nasty but every other week, SS returns with something "unwanted" from his Dad's place. Old magazines, clothes that don't fit, toys that SS doesn't play with anymore, ect. We even got SS's aquarium with a filter whose cartridge hadn't been changed in over a year (no wonder the fish died). We even inherited their dog! After 7 years of owning the pet, the ex *suddenly* realized he was allergic :/

I told my wife and SS that I don't mind inheriting this "stuff" but I will draw the line if SS's Dad tries to dump his new wife on us!

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We had him too last year, but we did a home DNA test and the results are telling us he's not DH's, but is "family". Well she cheated on DH with his cousin so I'm pretty sure I know who the real baby daddy is. She took SS9 back this summer because he kept crying and freaking out, saying he wanted to be with her because we have rules, bedtimes, do homework, apologize when we wrong someone, etc etc and she was pregnant with baby #8 who is a boy and SS9 was always her titty-suck fave and he's so afraid of losing his spot to the new baby. I honestly don't care she took him back. That child is a handful, and causes havoc with the 3 older ones and even though he's not ready to confront her about it, DH knows in his heart the kid isn't his. She has 8 altogether. DD17 she haf when she met DH, SS15, SD12 and SS10 that are DH's, SS9 with the questionable parentage, DD6 and DD4 who belong to the cop she cheated on DH with and DS11mths who belong to her boss/turned BF that she cheated on the cop with. Poor cop pays CS for the 3 little ones thinking they are his. Anyway, I digress.... I already raise 3 that aren't mine, I drew the line at keeping the one that someone besides DH fathered.