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Wknd from hell, ready to strangle bf, punch sd in the face and run over BM....

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UGHHHH, I just wanted to scream all wknd, everything got on my last damn nerve, i'm so sickened by it all I realize I may never want to marry this guy to deal w/this shit......

Anyways-I can elaborate more later, just wanted to get that out. The last few wknds had been going ok...this wknd between her behavior, and dads and bm running the shots I want to throw them all into a ditch and forget they exist.


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If you are the one that has to pay for the wedding, why have it? I couldn't do this. I'm fine with staying not married for now. It sounds like there are some things you need to work out anyway. Maybe tell you you want to "postpone" it for financial reasons.

If he isn't contributing, don't do all the work. It will bite you in the ass later.

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Keep your chin up. I found a punching bag and it has been wonderful therapy. As much as I love DSO, between his attitude and the entitled princes, I will NEVER marry. I'd rather lose my house, pack it up and live with my mom the rest of my life. Yes, that bad.

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Ladies - I paid for my own ring and wedding, and since that day I have been the ATM machine for DH, skids, and even BM. That's right - in the beginning when I was trying to be super stepmom, I actually paid DH's child support for him, not once, but twice. NEVER AGAIN. I threw him out last week and the sense of relief is unbelievable.

Get this - after hounding me for the entire time I was with DH and going on and on about how awful he is, how stupid I am, blah, blah, blah, now that I finally leave him, BM sends me some stupid Facebook thing about "if you truly love someone, you never leave them no matter how hard the situation is", LOL! I realized that she figures its in her best interest to remain with DH after all so I can continue taking care of everything when he doesnt.

Run like hell if we are already dealing with BM calling the shots at your house in any way.

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"Run like hell if we are already dealing with BM calling the shots at your house in any way."


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After reading the first couple of items on your list, I so vote for the ditch idea. We can make it look like an "accident"...

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I read another SM who instituted a "No BM rule" in her household. If any skid attempted to bring up their mother, she just said, "Now, we do not talk about your mother in THIS house."

A polite way of saying STFU. Don't know how on board daddy would be though.