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Chances of a big career jump

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I've been with my company a long time, worked in all kinds of different departments. About 3 years ago I had a decent position and got displaced because of yet another re-organization.

In order to stay employed I took a job well beneath my qualifications and paygrade as an admin assistant but did not take a pay CUT luckily. I figured I could work my way back in quick-and pretty much I did. W/in a year I was promoted/raise and just 2 months ago received another promotion and raise.

Now I'm looking at a bid for 2 positions in an area I've always wanted to work in and they don't often have openings. We work closely with this group in my area currently so I know all the people and the hiring managers there. These positions are both the same title, but different type of work, one invovlves more travel and meetings with foreign company officials and other depts in the company, the other more forecasting. Because of kids I prefer more forecasting one but will put in for both if the travel one is only every couple of months. Talked to bf and he was VERY supportive-which I found to be a relief because my ex was NEVER supportive of my career. I did mention what if I have to travel every so often? He's fine wiht it, told me 'give it hell hon' lol.

A while back he said if he had first started dating me when I was in my previous role and traveled often he may not have continued dating I brought that up and he just looked at me and said babe, we're at a different place, I feel confident and trust you and we're WAY past one night stand shannanigans lol-so it's great he supports me!

It would be 2 pay grades above-a nice raise and yearly bonuses as well-it would be managerial but no reports. Im' excited and cleaning up my resume. Question is...would you put the position you took as a 'downgrade' in there or leave it off and bring it up during the interview. It was all w/in this same dept so can you leave just your CURRENT title and time at the dept?

I mean I may not get the position even but it's certainly worth applying for and giving it my best shot-it's an opportunity of a lifetime for me.

I do have to get over the fact that they just promoted me, w/intention I'm sure for me to stay-however everyone in this company does NOT hesitate to get promoted outside the dept even if they just had a raise, so neither will I lol-I'm sure they will understand as I'm not looking to get out, I like my job but good opportunites should never be discarded.

Anyways, my previous positions surely shoudl more then qualify me-but I'm afraid that leaving the one transitional position might hurt my chances?


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I have done this, and I don't see it as lying. I don't think you have to detail EVERY tiny step up your career ladder. For example, I took a job with a company I wanted to work for that was below my qualifications because it was all they had available at the time and they wanted me to stay. I quickly moved up the ladder and left that company after 8 years and three promotions, and on my resume I put my total time there but the job title I had when I left. If people ask, you can explain it to them. They want to know you are capable of the responsibility, and as long as you have that background they don't really care what it took you to get there.

Just my opinion.