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List the reasons your sd's won't be coming to live with you.

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Dirol Just for fun-I honestly dont' think bf has any intention of this but he does say it on ocassion probably out of guilt. He knows bm won't give up CS nor definately pay him either. BUT I do know that teenage girls/moms can be HELL to eachother and I find it likely that sd at some point will want to come 'stay with dad' and what if he wants to cave out of guilt or because bm says 'your turn sucker'.

So-luckily we aren't married or living together-BUT if we did-here's my reasons why she would NOT come live with us as a teen-and yes I think I would print them out-edit some and give to him.

1. The relationship between mom/daughter is horrible during those years-it is ten times worse with step-moms and I don't want to live that hell and put stress on myself or ruin the environment for my kids and this relationship. If BM can't handle her who is exactly like her drama ass what makes you think we can?

2. She dresses slutty at 11-I'm not having that around my sons (also her age) or his friends w/her promiscous self-I predict bf an early grandfather if this continues Smile

3. She's signed up for a million extra-curriculars. NO WAY in hell am I or will I be up for him transporting her to her never-ending revolving activities 24/7

4. She's an ungrateful brat just when visiting-living w/her would absolutey make it to where it would RUIN any chance of a decent relationship with her because of it-and i don't spoil my kids with treats, extravagant gifts and bday parties, etc. NOT doing it for somebody elses kid.

5. She would compete even more for adult spousal status-and once I see her develope and in skimpy clothing this will make me vomit in her face or slap her or both

6. I don't guilt parent and I can't stand how he parents so our marriage would be compromised big time.

7. I'm not raising some other bitches kid who is not related through dna to my guy even if he is 'dad'-even if she did pay us to keep her. NOPE sorry!

8. Her personality is that of her mothers, bf can't stand bm-what makes him think I could stand living w/mini bm for one min-it's like asking me to live with bm...and would end the relationship

9. I dont' want her trashy influence and tv programs and music choices around my kids.

10. She would invade my space, sanity and compromise my physical and emotional well-being

11. She eats way too damn much and when bored and bf TOTALLY encourages this and it makes me want to throw them both out.

-The ONLY pro would be she likes chores, so I'd have a bitchy, nasty mean ungrateful Cinderella-but hey the house might be easier to keep clean....

I think I have to have at least another 10 reasons-those are my top ten though. HAVE AT IT LADIES!


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I am not putting myself through hell for that child....Thankfully we have given up on her. SHe is all BM's problem and not coming to live here again. She created the mess, she can raise it.

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1. She's drank her mother's PAS kool-aid
2. She's got a 2 year old at age 18
3. She's 18. My son was out at that age.
4. She still pretends she is older than she really is on FB
5. She dresses like a slut and I would never allow that
6. Our place is "too boooooorrrinng"
7. She chose to get preggo at a young age. Time to sink or swim on her own
8. It would prolong the amount of contact we'd have to have with BM
9. She's drank her mother's PAS kool-aid
10. She's got a 2 year old at age 18