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Mother's day: NOOOOO,SO gave me a frame with SD in it as mothers day gift...

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SO was lovely giving me a beauty voucher and took on house chores with the kids, gave me a picture frame with pictures of my kids and a separate one with SD and me together.Also he gave me a huge card where SD nearly took all space on it. Although I appreciate SOs effort, he again felt the need to make SD feel exactly like one of my kids, even though she went to her mom that day and in between she was spoiled with alone time with dadddddyyy when I finally took out my kids for mothers day.Fact is, he cares more about SD 's possible ( not appropriate!) feelings than mine,although she as usual gets more attention than everyone else.He must know that I would love my kids in a frame- plus she is the only one who is on a picture with me whereas my own kids are in a group-
Plus she overtook on my mothers day card by writing all over it and getting the first turn.
Why does this always have to be like that??


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Because he's an asshole. I'd toss the picture of you and SD and put one of you and your kids in it.

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Me too!!

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chokin- yes, that would be very typical for SO.His brat is sooooooo perfect and my crew "needs" to be told off , critizised and blamed.I am over it.Great job ellbowing Lol

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Return the favour on fathers day. You can't say anything because although we ALL get it that would look like an attack on his efforts and his precious one.

Just do it right back. If he has any class he won't say anything but you should notice a difference next year.

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Yes!! I will get all my three kids to sign the card first and leave a little space for his brid- kid-brat.I will give him a massive frame with all three kids of mine first and with him and because she is only one in number put one little picture of her by herself on the bottom.Then I will get all kids together to give him that gift and SHE IS NOT GOING TO PLAY ANYTHING SPECIAL since this is the message he is sending out here vice versa.

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Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to me that he tried pretty hard to get you something you would like while allowing his SD to feel included.

I don't get what you are so angry about. Your SD "wrote too much" on your card? For fucks sake, how perfect do you need everything to be?

Just appreciate they tried, all of them, and it sounds like they all did a nice job and get over yourself! You sound a little like a tyrant!

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There are many dads out there who didn't do a thing to acknowledge the role their SOs play in helping with their kids. He at least tried.

Trying to get him back may not work. SD may come over with her own gifts for her dad.

This is the third board I've been on today where women are complaing about Mother's Day gifts. Yesterday my cousin and her husband buried their 28 year old son. Life is way too short to focus on the small stuff.

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she gets one pic of her own kids by themselves, and one pic of SD WITH her?

and you think that's not singling the skid out to be special?

Surely if he wanted her to "feel included" it should have been ONE pic of all the kids together?

And SD is given the card to write on first? and allowed to take up most of the space on it so the woman's ACTUAL OWN KIDS don't have as much space???


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yep, Luchay got the idea here. Biggrin
The gifts were lovely and I don't think SO has done anything of it not well meaning.The frustration doesn't come from getting the wrong or not enough gifts , on the contrary.The problem is the underlying issue of him putting SD always in the front row , even on my mothers day.I may be a "tyrant" or evil, but in spite of him trying I feel that the attempts were overshadowed by putting SD above everybody even she has her own mum and the focus should have been on that.She always needs to get double or triple as much as the others.This is not about equality or being "included"- it is about the need to be made special every time- and this sucks massively.You can critizise me for what I feel , but this is where I am coming from and I am glad that most ladies here understand it 100%.