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Disengage - Not my problem (repeat this as long as needed)

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So I had a wonderful non-SK weekend away. SO was not there either, but that was actually better anyways after his dumbass behavior during the week.

I came back yesterday and went over to SO's for dinner, then to a softball game (SO and I play for a co-ed team). I hadn't really seen SD12 all week due to schedules. So when we left to go to the game, SD gets in my car with her DS. "SD, there are no DSs in my car. It's not long to the park, why don't you look around." SD- "fine". It's a pet peeve of mine, once I can't seem to disengage from.

At the park, SD takes the DS out of the car and then asks SO if she can play it during our game. He gives her a non committed answer and I quietly told him he needed to give her a definite yes or no. SO says Yes. Ok, no problem. I know she's going to play the thing the whole time, but she's not my kid.

After the game she comes up and asks us who won. Really? SO is annoyed because she didn't even bother to look at the score. Well, that's your problem SO. So I thought I would interject some wisdom to her and asked how she would feel if we showed up to one of her games and played on our phone the whole time. She said she would be upset. She then started to say she was sorry. Nope, SD, just want you to think about it, don't need an apology. So she starts to promise she would watch the next time. Nope, SD, don't want a promise either. I was just curious how you would feel. (yes, I should learn how to stay disengaged.)

Then on the way home, I hear SO ask SD about some homework she hasn't finished. SERIOUSLY?! It's Sunday night, you guys weren't that busy over the weekend, and she still hasn't finished all of her homework?! So I bite my tongue and repeat the mantra in my head..."Disengage, not my problem. Disengage, not my problem." ARGH!


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I was repeating the same thing all morning! "Not my kid, not my problem". DH let him wear pj shorts to school today. It was 41 degrees this morning. Good job dad...