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OT - Bite the bullet and get maid service

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I know I should, but the extremeful frugal part of me is screaming nooo, just do it yourself!

DH wants it, but has left this decision in my court. I know I should. No one helps me with any of the cleaning. And, although DH hates clutter, he doesn't see an inch of dust in front of him. Plus, I had developed some really horrible allergic reaction to my house in the first trimester of pregnancy and could no longer vacuum, let alone be in the house. I was only able to get DH to vacuum on a regular basis because I told him I had to move to my parents' house for a while because I couldn't deal with the wheezing, coughing, red eyes, etc. just from living there. My condition is better now - I got new carpeting and I think being in a different stage of pregnancy helped. But, DH no longer vacuums regularly and although I no longer get an allergic reation from being in the house, I do still react from vacuuming.

But, I priced out cleaning services and the average is around $150 for a bi-weekly cleaning, plus twice the amount for the initial cleaning. And, this doesn't include my basement, so it's not the entire house. It's hard for me to want to shell out over $300 a month for maid service, especially since I'll still be vacuuming high traffic areas between cleanings. But, at the same time, I don't want to be the only one cleaning, which is the current situation. I can't force anyone else in the house to help. DH would rather pay the money than clean himself. So, if I don't get the service, I have to do it myself.

Also, I feel like a lot of the work is getting items off the floor and countertops to clean and it's something I'd still have to do before the cleaners come. Plus, do I stay while they clean? Do I just trust them and leave the house?

So, does anyone get maid service and can shed some light on whether it's worth it? Can anyone help me rationalize spending the money for it? Smile


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Nobody else cleans so at least with a maid service the heavy cleaning gets done for you.  And it will help your allergies.  What do you do when the maid service is there. After giving them directions, as to what’s to be clean every time,  once a week, every two weeks, once a month.  You watch TV. Do something you want to do. 

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A lot of my friends have independent house keepers that charge a lot less and will do more for the house (like put clutter away and change bedsheets). One lady charges around 100 bucks, stays for however long it takes and does a phenomenal job. Maybe ask around and see if someone can give a recommendation?

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My DH suggested we get a service to clean. I found an independent lady on the nextdoor app. She charges an hourly fee but it was less than franchise service. It is so worth it. I have her clean everything but the SK room. Cleaning person does the heavy cleaing, all we do is keep it clean.

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I have a cleaner come every other month or every 6 weeks.  I love her and I love this!  I am not home much during the week (very long 12 hours away from the house Mon-Fri) and I hated that my weekends were spent cleaning or doing errands.  DH is not good at "cleaning" on a regular basis at all, he just doesn't see it.  SD14, when she was with us, was useless.  SD12 likes to clean but I don't make her do more than her fair share (she would but I may pay her for that after the holidays if she wants to earn more $).  I was sick of it.

And let me tell you it's WORTH IT.  In fact, I'm going to schedule her to come over in the next month (we had some expenses this month so I have to clean some myself but I don't do as good a job).

To save the $$ are there rooms you can clean yourself?  I have the cleaner do the kitchen and main living areas/dining, master bed and bath and the hallway stairs.  She even cleaned my oven and my refrigerator.  I wanted to hug her.  I can add other areas if I need to, and if I have the funds.  Maybe you can break it out like that? 

I usually do other cleaning things (the rooms she doesn't clean - or yardwork) when she's there.  She's awesome though and I trust her around everything.  She does charge hourly so I can control how long she's scheduled for.  As around, I found her through my neighbor and recommended her to others.

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Thanks for the suggestions! The places that I have contacted have been corporate maid services, so I'll try and find some independent ones and see if the price is cheaper. Thanks again!