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One step forward - how many back?

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So, SD15 has been increasingly miserable over the last year or so.

On my last blog, (missed the comments until now - darn no tracking!) someone suggested she was spoiled and attention seeking, so I'll post my reply here:

Actually, she's about as far from spoiled as you can get.

While she's a motormouth and will talk your ear off, she says "yes, ma'am, yes, sir" and hops to any chores you ask of her quickly and cheerfully.

She has decent grades and isn't running around smoking or drinking.

She doesn't complain when DH puts the TV on the History Channel for HOURS. Or ESPN.

She is grateful for any and all gifts, and gives hugs and says "I love you" all the time.

At home, she's the scapegoat child. She's blamed for her little brother's misbehavior, regardless of the circumstances. She's the maid, the babysitter, and the cook. BM mood swings on her so bad that SD15 wonders if BM is bipolar (she's never heard of BPD, which we suspect BM has)

BM has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged SD15 to go live with DH and me. She then added, "But I'll have to be heavily medicated. I wouldn't be able to deal with you abandoning me."

I hope to GOD that she said that in front of SD15's therapist. SD15 has formally asked DH and I to participate in her therapy. She gave his contact info to the therapist, and hers to him.

Maybe now we'll actually have a leg to stand on if we try to get custody.


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We're pretty sure that she is mentally ill by some clinical definition.

She's in therapy and is medicated, but even SD15 thinks she's not working at making therapy work and isn't listening to her therapist.