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Why Facebook is bringing on Armageddon: An essay by Moon Child Step Mom

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Unwarranted rant against FaceBook… if it’s your thing, this isn’t for you.


I see it coming, so help me Jebus, it’s coming at us like an out of control locomotive… and it slipped in right under our noses. Armageddon… the “End Times”… there have been many books written and movies made about it… the downfall of man to computers.

Think about “The Matrix”! The idea that the coming of The One will herald the destruction of the Matrix (FaceBook)and the freedom of humanity from their oppression by the Machines (computers). The Terminator series also comes to mind in an eerily prophetic sort of way… humanity falling in the face of their own creations, the machines, but think of this people, instead of humanoid robots wielding machine guns ending the lives of all things “human” it’s a more subtle form of artificial intelligence… computers… leaking into our brains with their probing electronic fingers each and every day, and we welcome the invasion!

What’s the weather outside you ask..? Do you go outside and look..? Nope. Check the computer. How many friends do you see or call in a day..? One or two..? You saw and talked to 200 on FaceBook didn’t you..? Are your days measured in how many smiles you got from your friends and family in real life or those you emotoconed online..? And how many “real life” relationships have ended due to someone’s obsession with their “online” loves or friendships? It’s a mess… no, it’s a plague… and its name is FaceBook. And everybody is infected.

Didn’t you first hear about it offhandedly here and there… from the teenagers than the twenty something’s then the office workers then the “networking” crowd started using it as a way to “stay connected” (Matrix again!) now everybody and their grandmother can see what so and so had for breakfast this morning… and what REALLY pisses me off (thanks to Mother Russia and her f-ing FaceBook obsession) what the KIDS wore for Halloween this year!!! If I wanted all 300 strangers “connected” to that moron to look at those babies I’d place an add in the New York Times. It’s sick.

And it’s everywhere.

It may seem a petty issue to champion in today’s day and age (and ironically being bitched about in a different chat room on the f-ing computer! Duly noted…) but it scares the living crap out of me. How more and more people are sharing all of their private thoughts and information with the entire world without a second thought. Big brother is definitely watching people… be careful what you put out there, that’s all I’m saying.

And leave the ex’s and old high school flings where they belong…k?
Memories safely locked in your past. Go hug someone in “real life”.


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"And leave the ex’s and old high school flings where they belong…k?
Memories safely locked in your past. Go hug someone in “real life”."

Amen, sister!

Love Smile

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I honestly LOVE facebook, I have found childhood friends, old neighbors, teachers, etc... and is great to keep in touch, I live in the states but my family and friends all live in the country where I am from. I love to have all that in one place.

That being said, I truly don't understand the obsession of having everybody know what you are doing, for example TWEETER!!! I think is a billionaire concept but it really is a waste of time, an absurd addiction. this is how someone's tweeter might look like in the span of 2 hours...

Our actions are so micromanaged now, that we want people to know...
5:15: about done with work, yay!
5:18: walking to my car!
5:21: Driving home, I can't wait to take a relaxing bath
5:55: just got home! hell of traffic
6:18: taking a hot relaxing bath, and reading...
6:53: ready for some ice cream
7:04: that ice cream was goooooooooood
7:08: about to watch KIM KARDASHIAN recorded...
7:12: Kourtney is such a bia@TCH
7:19: I want to eat sushi!!!



"I will die on my feet before I live on my knees"

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Again… lives caught up in the Matrix.

And the narcissism of someone thinking any of that is important information.

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I like facebook, you take what you want from it and leave the rest. I happy to see my girlfriends kids in a halloween costume. I want to know if she is sad today. Things I normally would not get to know or see in our busy lives.

And when I need to hear friends voices, I call.
All facebook is, is a fancy mailbox or (Inbox). Pictures and stories shared with friends.

Im happy to know that my elementary school & HS friends are healthy and happy. Its progress. I showed a picture of my very first boyfriend to my daughter, who would of thunk that 10 years ago?

Its not serious, if you dont want to share, then dont

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Thank you for summing my longwinded rant up so beautifully… I agree 100%!

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OMG I thought of you the other say when my friend said "My kid just dropped my Movado in the toilet!"

Sorry... Hi-jacking again tee hee hee.


Rome wasn't built in a day, and my marriage won't be either.

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I dont agree wicked one, their is more communication then ever before. I feel my kids are safer with their cell phones. They know things faster and quicker, about almost anything with the internet. We just didnt have that kind of access to information. I remember I had to go to the library if I had a question.

I dont think the cell phone and Internet are Dumbing Down America,, we have alot of pretty smart kids out their that use this tech everyday to its advantage. I still think we have alot of human interaction.

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with all due respect but that is progress, we loose an old way of doing thing and learn a new.

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I joined Facebook because my OD puts pictures on there of my grandson. She has a block so no one can see the pictures unless she allows them. Now I abolutely hate it and rarely log on, if I do, it's only to see new pics of my GS. When I joined it was so weird all these people I knew from 30 years ago and some I had no idea who they were, were asking me to be their "friend". Pictures of people that went to the same high school would show up on the web page telling me that I might want to befriend these people, so I figured my picture must be showing up on others sites also. One woman that tried to "befriend" me had an affair with my first husband!!! What a whore! I couldn't believe she actually sent me an email. Right then and there I decided Facebook was NOT for me.

I agree Moon.

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I don't think Mother Russia knows the concept of "blocking" people... my husband's sister said total strangers were coming up to her at work saying how "cute" her nephew's looked in their costumes! We were all pretty pissed... I don't know, it just comes down to privacy, ya know?

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I hate to sound like a facebook defender, :? but you can add alot of privacy to your page and allow only certain people to see what you want. You can make your album private for just afew friends. Block people , they will not be able to see your name ever anywhere.
You can also remove farmvill and all the mafia stuff, so when you log on you dont see any of it.
Im not a fan of those games either.

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In my experience Facebook=Drama. I don't have a page anymore. I had a guy that I knew in elementary school (and LOVED me apparently until this day, even though he is married with 3 kids) track me down. When I wouldn't give him my number he got it from one of my friends that thought I "would be happy to hear from him"...he called once and I listened his life story since we hadn't seen each other in 20 years or so, and both of his parents that I knew very well passed since then (when he was 20 years old). Then I told him I was getting married in a few days, and I didn't think where he was trying to take the conversation was appropriate. He texted me on my wedding day "got time for one last fling"... DH was the one that found the text. Trust me, explaining THAT to him on my wedding day... NOT FUN! Trying to tell him that "one last fling" didn't mean that I had a fling with him to begin with... just that he WANTED me to have a fling before I married... UGH, what a nightmare. I deleted my page after that. Too many weirdos out there. Good thing DH trusts me... it just was really poor timing, on my wedding day Sad


~You have to BE crazy to UNDERSTAND crazy!~ Wink

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Social networking sites don't bother me for adults, eben tho I will have no part of them.....but for KIDS?...please....I am PRAYING for that federal cyber bullying legislation they are working girl on Long Island just committed suicide cuz of FB tauntings and those tauntings continued even after she took her they are looking to charge those kids...I hope they do...children have NO idea of the power of the written word and of the attacking pack mentality...I'm with u Moon :) IS the Matrix...

A mother is not defined by the "b" or the "s" in front of her name, she is defined by how she handles the "mother" part.....

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Lotus: the government has no business monitoring that. The parents should, and if they DON'T that is their responsibility/problem.

The girl that killed herself because of facebook, could have easily killed herself for a million other reasons if she was that stupid. Classmates making fun of her, the boy she likes going out with another girl, etc... The point is that if the social network didn't exist, those kids would have found another way. So the medium itself, is not to blame. I blame the lack of parental supervision. I can't believe the amount of kids that participate in all these different social networks, and the parents have never even once attempted to go to their pages to see what is all about.

In this house, phones, computers and social networking WILL be (SD is 5, BS is 2) a "priviledge" in the future, not a right! And We will need to have the password and everything, in case we want to check it. Kids need privacy in their rooms and bathrooms, other than that, they DON'T. That is our opinion (DH's and Mine). We need to see what the kids write about, the pictures they post, and the friends they have. As well, as we should be able to read text messages whenever we feel like it. And of course, that priviledge can be taken away at any given moment as long as they live under our roof.

Just My humble opinion!



"I will die on my feet before I live on my knees"

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that is your opinion Gia and I respect it....but as with everything else...if parents were doing their jobs, government intervention would not be needed....if a child threatened my child's life....its a threat whether it is on the playground or on a computer...I would not tolerate children are not members sof any social networking sites, as I take the lack of regulation and safety of same very seriously....cyber bullying is an what u are saying is if the parents don't protect their kids, no one should?....sorry I don't agree....

A mother is not defined by the "b" or the "s" in front of her name, she is defined by how she handles the "mother" part.....

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That is just awful about the poor girl that committed suicide, I can see that happening with these kids on social networking. Only because these kids feel more powerful to say anything behind the keyboard. My daughter was once a victom of bullying by an ex boyfriend on FB. Jealous girls started it and he continued it. I know the boys mother and text her, letting her know that he was talking crap on FB, within 10 minutes it was all delete. When another girl started up on his face book, he just said, "can we move on and just squash that". The boy knew that he was being watched and never brought up my daughter again.
I keep an eye on all mykids and their friends on FB. It gives me alot of infromation of whats going on in their lives. Good and bad.
I do not think that children younger then 14 should not have FB page, If a parent cant keep an eye on their kids, well then no.
Im surprised when i hear parents say they cant get on their kids page. I will be the first to say shut them down then.
Their is lack of regulations , but what lacks needs to be picked up by the parent.

Also, within 24 hours after a party or event, pictures are up. I can get a feel of what that party was like, I'll be the first to check out their new friend or date on FB
It sounds like Im a stalker on my kids, I guess I am, at least I know whats going on.

As far as the drama with the adults, I see that alot too, but once I know someone is a drama queen, I just set my settings so their update dont pop up. I want to know if my sister is tired, but I could care less if my HS friend from 30 years ago, got a flat.