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:? so im new to this site but i dont know where else to look for help my stepdaughter is 3 almost 4 december 17th i have raised her since 6 months she doesnt know her bio mother! she is fully potty trained has been since age 2 she wont tell anyone when she has to go to the bathroom she scream cries as she stands sumwhere and pees her pants or can sit in her room and poop her pants and just sit in it until we smell it if you ask her if she has to go to the bathroom she will say no and are u sure she says no and you so so you need to go potty and she will say no and then 5 min later she pooped her pants she enjoys sitting in it i think! what do i do no punishment works for her!! Sad so lost and confused on how to react and discipline!


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You say she's been potty trained since she was 2. So has she always had these 'accidents'? If so, then she is not potty trained.

Recognize her routine. She has to pee in the morning, so make sure she goes to the bathroom first thing in the morning. And remind her throughout the day, and make sure she pees before bed.

She poops... when? In the morning? After lunch? Most kids are fairly regular. If you can catch her routine, you can put her on the potty at the right time so she can poop.

If she dirties her underwear, make her help you clean it up. Most girls do not like this nastiness. Make her dump the mess in the toilet, and wash her underwear out in the sink/tub/hosepipe with soap, and then help to clean and disinfect the area once it's done. That in itself should be enough 'punishment'. There is always taking away snack time for that day, or a favorite tv show for that day, or toy... She shouldn't be grounded for a week or something, their sense of time is just not there. A week is a lifetime in her head. A day, one snacktime, or something along those lines should be enough.