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I feel bad that I am happy.

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Should I feel bad that I am happy that I do not have to endure another weekend of crazy with a K. My family finds ourselves with out the stepchildren again. It is a relief. Which means no 2 am calls from their mother, waking everyone up because of another fake emergency. No text messages to the stepchildren to have them take pictures of themselves before they leave our home to rides bikes. No threats from their mom about how their hair is done or lack of style to their hair. There will be no complaining that the clothing that they are wearing doesn't meet her standards. Complaining that we should take 10yo to American Eagle, Aerpostle etc. and finally no complaints of how she is poor because she is choosing not to work. Thank you Lord for a small break! Yet I feel bad because if she were not KRAZY we could have lovely weekends and my husband could enjoy his girls.


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No. You absolutely should not feel bad!! Why would you NOT feel relieved to have a (I'm sure much needed/deserved) break from all the BS you mentioned. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace, quiet, and non craziness while you can!! Rest assured, the stress will be back so don't dwell on it while it's gone! Enjoy yourself, girl!!

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No you should not feel bad at all. But it does sound like you ned to set up some boundaries with Princess Krazy.

Too many demands and phone calls means a crazy unhappy life.

My SDs mother never called and bugged us when we had the kid...what is with these BMs????? And on the flip...we NEVER called her. We didn't always get along with the other side nor agree...but we knew SD would always be returned to us in one piece...

Time to turn off the phone and ignore demands...:)

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The sad thing is with the phones is that the girls have their own phones and their Mom pays for it. So the children feel entitled to have them with them at all time. They are sooo co-dependent.

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omg this sounds exactly like my bm--- she tells the kids to change immediatly after getting to her house says our clothes are ugly and not good enough because they are not justice brand ...what the hell ois that!! That right there is so out of line and crazy that i am stupier just hearing it..... God i feel for u/// i hate dealing with the bm and you know what i heard from one of my clients that it is worse wihen the grankids are involved!! no way i will not do this for my whole life---i hope these bms can grow the hell up by then!!!