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Justmakinthebest - Update us!!

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I'm hoping that the lack of update is because you're having a wonderful time.  Or that you're all spending time together away from all forms of electronics.  But I have to admit I'm on pins and needles awaiting the update (and praying for the best).

Thinking of you!


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I think there has been less blogs and responses to blogs because DHs and skids are gone and  women don't want them to see them on here! Smile

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I sure hope he is not quarantined now for 2 weeks somewhere. It's insane that BM would not let him come when things were fine but put him on a plane when one shouldn't travel. Hope she didn't have some type of agenda 

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Makes sense. Although I don't see how anyone would send her to jail for not sending a kid when people are told not to travel. I still have bad feelings about this 

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I think it will be okay. If he was going into or out of NYC, I could see not doing it, but he's going from Kansas to ... somewhere.  Anyway, I think it will be fine - he's like my SS.  Too weak to stand up to Mommy, but loves his dad and snaps back to normal.