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Justmakinthebest - Update us!!

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I'm hoping that the lack of update is because you're having a wonderful time.  Or that you're all spending time together away from all forms of electronics.  But I have to admit I'm on pins and needles awaiting the update (and praying for the best).

Thinking of you!


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I think there has been less blogs and responses to blogs because DHs and skids are gone and  women don't want them to see them on here! Smile

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Yes I'm dying to know what happened after SS's plane landed. Also I hope they're all staying well after choosing to ignore recommendations to limit all nonessential travel. 

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I sincerely hope, now that he’s there, he does not get on a plane back to his mother’s. I genuinely cannot understand how people seem to think passing kids around is any different than an adult visiting friends or travelling unnecessarily right now. 

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Yes, if he really did fly out to them, he should at least stay there until things calm down. Wonder how that will work out for them. 

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I don't think this falls under "average" recommendations.  When a child who has essentially been kidnapped for over a year is returned to you by the power of a judge after (how many!?!) hearings - you don't pause, you don't question - you get the child.

That being said....I hope he doesn't have to go back for a long long time! 

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I agree wholeheartedly. I was 8 months along with our first baby when the Judge gave DH primary residential custody. BM had taken SD with court approval but refused to allow DH contact or visitation for over a year. He went up north, I stayed home.

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I sure hope he is not quarantined now for 2 weeks somewhere. It's insane that BM would not let him come when things were fine but put him on a plane when one shouldn't travel. Hope she didn't have some type of agenda 

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Makes sense. Although I don't see how anyone would send her to jail for not sending a kid when people are told not to travel. I still have bad feelings about this 

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I think it will be okay. If he was going into or out of NYC, I could see not doing it, but he's going from Kansas to ... somewhere.  Anyway, I think it will be fine - he's like my SS.  Too weak to stand up to Mommy, but loves his dad and snaps back to normal.