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When To Put The Foot Down

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So BM and DH went through hell and back to come up with their new visitation schedule. BM at the time of court was going to work part time from home and be a full time mother. DH has a full time job as a school teacher and works 4 times a week. The visitations and times were all in place and all was good....for awhile. BM decided to become a true adult and get a full time job working 8-5 monday through friday. Our pickup times on the weekend for return to school are still kept at 5pm because no one works on sunday. WELL....thursday nights when she is supposed to pick him up for her weekends now changes all over the place. It was sent for her to pickup after school. Then she had to work and picked him up before the after school program ended at 6:20. NOW it's all the way to 7:30 at night because of work and other things. Honestly it will be as late as 9pm cuz she lives 3.5 hours away. We put up with this three weekends a month.

When do we put our foot down and get things changed to where we aren't affected by queen bees schedule? It's not a huge deal when we are planning on being home but what if honey and I plan a romantic getaway and then her damn life sets things back?

I frustrated because she lacks and regard for our lives but makes us bend over backwards for her.


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Sounds just like my situation was before we moved 400 miles away. now BM has to find care for her own kids because when we lived right around the corner I was the daycare. I am so glad we moved!!! Maybe you should sit down with DH and explain to him that you are allowed a life as well and the visitation schedule's should work for everyone. If not I doubt it will ever change Sad