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OT. Just annoying.

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I'm really on my last leg. SS20 has a gf and she's always here. I honestly couldn't even pick her out of crowd because they just stay in his room but she's always here. I'm over it. I'm over all of it.

We are suppose to be getting rid of skids not having more people in the house. 

EDIT: SO if I say anything.. "they are quiteeeee we don't hear themmmmmm..." OK you idiot they are just doing it quietly and the thought is disgusting... she's here till like 2am some nights. 

Months of this and I literally don't even know what she looks like ...half by choice. 


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Has your DH had The Talk with SS?  I hope its not too late.  We went thru this, too.  Annoying as heck.

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Don't know don't care. She's 22 I think. SSs ex girlfriend accused him of rape when he was 15.. basically almost ruined the kids life... nothing ever came of it and it was an attention grab... SO was dropping him at her grandparents house and not picking him up till midnight...because neither of her parents had custody... like duh you idiot wtf do you think they were doing.. So he hasn't been a good parent with that stuff 

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Our 3 teenage sons (now 56, 59 and 60), average looking, had so many girls here.  The girls all seemed kind of aggressive, or perhaps just more ready for life.  I used to wonder where their parents thought they were.

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SS18s high school gf (she broke his heart) was over all the time when they were in school.. his buddies were over a lot too. Never minded them. 

I think this annoys me more because... he should have been out by now, I don't have a relationship with him (don't want too at this point.. he tries talking to me sometimes and I'm like ehh) and we barely have ever even seen her yet she's here all the time...

Clearly she wasn't taught social skills either...

Oh and he is a slob and that's my biggest problem with him. 

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"they are quiteeeee we don't hear themmmmmm..." 

"OK, so they're fucking quietly AND ...? Look, if they want to play mommy and daddy, they need to get their own place, not practice in ours. He's got until the end of October."

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Yeah I wish! SO is building him a room in our basement. I think this is making things worse for me because he won't be leaving any time soon. I keep pointing out this to SO... 

He was suppose to be renting BMs house by now.. but OF COURSE she couldn't even move out of state when she says she was going too... taking longer to remodel their house. 

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what is Dad's end goal? an adult son who never leaves and is forever treated like a teenager? 


fark that noise. 

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Supposedly according to SS20 he is still planning on renting BMs husbands house when they eventually move. 

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Ask him why he'd rather his son was a pethetic loser living in daddy's basement rather than a successful, accomplished and independent adult who's making his own way in life.

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Maybe also tell him what fun it will be when there's a baby in the house, crying at all hours Smile Once the kid has spawned, you are never going to get him out of there.


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I would kick them out too. Or at the very minimum kick the gf out. Don't allow them to use your house for a place to get it on at.