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“Shut up” pranks.

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Not sure who has seen these but, one parent and child prank the dads by telling the "moms" to "shut up" when asked to do something. In the link I posted two of them are step moms pranking the dads. I really enjoy all the dads reactions. 

I figure some here will appreciate the dads reactions to skids telling stepmom to shut up.


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Glad to see not all dads are affected by the testicle-wasting disease Disneydaditis. 

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Wow! Surprised by how many REAL MEN/HUSBANDS/FATHERS are still in existence! 
The worthless ones stick out like sore thumbs! LOL!

Think I'll rewatch it & do an actual count for an unofficial % of Real Men VS Pussies.

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My XH1 was pretty lame on this front, but my XH2 used to get really upset at his kids for blatant disrespect. It was all a show, however, because subtle disrespect was allowed all the time. LOL

I am not sure if my BF would call his daughter out if she was disrespectful to me or not.