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It's a Boy!!

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After having two beautiful baby girls and a SD I am relieved to find out that FDH and I are expecting a bouncing baby BOY!! I'm just so excited to have a little man around the house. I know DDs will love their new baby brother (they're really too little right now to know the gender difference) SD already has a half brother, and from what I have been told by BM, SD doesn'tcare for him much. When i asked SD if she'd like another brother or sister her response 'I want a sister, cause boys are gross.' Lol

I just hope she does as well with our baby boy as she does with our girls. I'm sure I'm worried for no reason.

I'm just so excited I can give FDH the boy he's wanted, cause I'm done having babies after this one. Lol


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Congrat's! That's exciting news Smile I have a BD, a SD and 2 BS's, it is so much fun raising boys!

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Thank you all!! I am truly looking forward to raising a son. Don't get me wrong, girls are fun, but I'm so ready to play in the dirt and catch bugs. And boy clothes are so damn CUTE!! It might just be that I'm burnt out with tutus and sparkles. Lol