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I am typically not the jealous type. I remember BM accusing me of wanting her life so much in the beginning and I laughed at her because I really didn't want anything she had. Well rewind back a few months ago when me and DH were looking in this nice upper scale subdivision for a bigger house. We didn't need it, but I wanted a fourth bedroom for a playroom and an office space and DH wanted a enclosed garage for his car. I tagged DH on the house listing on FB and shared the picture to my facebook (the devil) a few times because the previous owner is a coworker of mine. Sure enough as life will have it, DH's hours were cut and we decided to withdraw because we didn't want to sign on for a bigger note and make things too tight on the budget besides what we have now isn't bad. Fastforward to this past week. I found out through Other Stepmom that BM is buying a house in that subdivision a few houses down from the one we were looking at. I was envious at first. How could she afford it? Of all the subdivisions in our area why THIS one? She didn't even want to live in a subdivision anymore as of last Spring! But now, coincidentally (side eyeing Other Stepmom) she has chosen this one.

I say I WAS envious for a reason because then I found out how much BM and Fiance3's house note will be and I couldn't help but laugh. It is smaller than the one we looked at but her house note is double what ours is. She can have at it. Silver-lining is also that now that we know more than half of her month's salary will be going towards her house note, she won't be able to afford court anytime soon. That is a trade I would take any day even if it means me not getting the house I had my heart set on. Now we are looking in the next town over (the town she originally came from and said she was moving back too eventually). This all just reaffirms my beliefs that everything happens for a reason and all of the previous circumstances that I thought were holding me back from what I wanted were all really preventing me from an even horrible future--paying more money per month to be BM's neighbor! Ha, over my dead body. My little family home is looking quite nice now. I just need a privacy fence since BM gets to pass by everyday now on her way home from work.


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Maybe BM is jealous of you...she saw your FB post and decided to compete by buying in the same area...

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I bought a new car and the next month BM buys a similar car. Same color same style and same unique characteristics lol. They are just jealous.

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It is jealousy on her part.  Why do you think she's looking for a house in the same place you were?  So much green.

When they accuse us of being jealous, it's just projection.  BM2 used to accuse me of being jealous.  Surrrrrrre...that's why you're trying to get MY husband back and pretend I don't exist.  Clearly I have the problem, right? *eyeroll*

You should be flattered.  Not only does she want to be just like you but you also control so much of her thoughts and emotions.  Just by existing.  Pretty powerful stuff.  Smile

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Now you should post pictures of boats, hot tubs, horses, timeshares, 18-wheelers, gold-plated toilets, indoor tanning beds, small airplanes, ATVs, gold coins, K-tel inside-the-egg scramblers, giant looms, llamas, clown paintings, cider presses, surfboards, pottery wheels, residential elevators, mosquito nets, tattoos of naked ladies, beer stines, puppets, forks shaped like turkey legs, disco balls, hockey equipment, legwarmers...all life's essentials.