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The trailer park, a small victory, and coming to the rescue

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Well I had previously posted how SD14 was spending a large amount of BM's time hanging out at a trailer park with friend and 17 yo boyfriend. Over DH's last weekend with SD he informed her that he wanted to meet this bf. SD momentarily looked panicked and then claimed that bf was to scared to meet DH. DH and SD agreed that she would just text DH when she was with bf and he would just show up.

After SD went back to BM's DH was texting with her she said she was again at trailer park and again the cops were there. DH texted BM and told her that he was sick of his kid telling him she was talking to the cops, that it was a bad trailer park and not an appropriate place for SD14 to be hanging out. BM didnt give much of a response.

Yesterday while SD was at our house I asked her why she wasnt with her friends this weekend and she told me that her BM had told her she wants her to "take a break" from the trailer park. I just looked at Dh and smiled. Very small victory...but at least she listened to DH. That NEVER happens. It was a very small yet good victory.

The reason we had SD14 yesterday (not our weekend) was because she called saying BM and GMA (BM's BM) were fighting again so can you please come pick me up. Of course we did. After a few hours we decided to take SD to her friends a cpl towns over where she use to live to stay for a few days. She misses her old friends and they are a good group of people. So...all should be good with her for a few days.

Another lovely tid bit that SD14 told me yesterday was that BM, bro and sis from BM, and BM's ExDH (former SF to SD14 - twice and the BF to BM's other kids)all went on a trip to the zoo together. I was shocked! When BM divorced his the 2nd time she went on and on about how much she hated him, he ruined her life, tried to take her kids from her, and now becuase her current bf was removed by CPS she is hanging out with her ex AGAIN!?! She is so pathetic. Cant she just stand on her own two feet? EVER!? What she is doing to her kids is so selfish. I asked SD if she thought that BM and exSF would get back together and she said no because exSF has a gf. I wanted to say "Like that matters with your BM!" but of course I didnt. BM is so damn trashy!


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Well the first time one of her friends was doing something wrong (no further ifo given) the 2nd time her brother (from BM) was in trouble and she was being questioned. The 3rd time was one of her friends got hurt, cops were's all ridiculous. Dh got sick of hearing about her always having to talk to the cops. He just doesnt want his daughter hanging out there.

I believe she rides her bike to the park sometimes although I believe her mom just drops her off primarily.